Saturday, September 25, 2010

Madrid. Madrid. Madrid.

Finally.  The anticipated moment for almost six months now.
Arrival in MADRID, Spain. (Just a few days ago.)
Life is good.
I take it back- life is charming.
Everything here is charming:
The little boys and their suspenders, ivy-coated alleyways,
The local eateries and shops.
Just under 4 million people. 
Living ten minutes from the big city.
Ooh la la.
The family I´m living with- wonderful.
Two young girls, and mama y papa.
The sweethearts- allowing me to stay in their home.
And go everywhere with them.
Today, for example, we enjoyed our Saturday by
Meandering around the downtown area.
Newly renovated- grand opening something.
Designer shop after designer shop.
Families everywhere holding pink balloons and enjoying a perrrfecto Sabado.
Stopped twice at a couple cafes.  Just to have a drink and enjoy a conversation.
Something I have always admired in Europeans-
Their love of the eating/drinking experience.  It´s no rush.
Possibly returning to the city tonight.
Yay for mass transit. 
Brooke is enjoying Espana.
As well as the shaded neighborhoods, delicious food, and the enormous city
Brooke may or may not being enjoying the fact,
That she skipped Spanish class every day her Senior year in high school.
Because bascially, she is one bit of English, swimming in a complete sea of Spanish.
More details later.
And photos.  Promise.
Besos, Brooke Shoko


Laur said...

Thank you for finally blogging. I've been dying to hear. I talked to your mom a little which was good to hear. I heard you slept and slept and slept. Will you email me? I hope so. TE AMO BROOKIE, Eres mi mejor amiga en el mundo! Disfrutalo!

cole linnae said... SO jealous

French lover said...

Hello, new follower ! I love your blog :) Bisous from Paris !