Tuesday, September 21, 2010

End of Summer. Photos.

Thank goodness for the beloved tshirt co.

Yay visitors.

Yay no closet.

Enes, Sasha, Emil, Pervert.

Picking up Mr. J

This, unfortunately, is no longer possible.

With two of my favorites.
At The Pie. Who doesn't love The Pie?

Just look at that face.  (The dog's.  And Dad's I suppose.)

And how about 12 Frenchies show up at the apartment.
Where is the party? Oh sorry I have another job in 5 hours.

Beeeautiful morning (off Denny Creek Road).

Just begging my friends to work the front desk with me.
Every. Stinking. Day.

Brooke loves Mother's visits.

Climbing up this to access my apartment.
In skirt. Don't miss it.

Grizzly and Wolf discovery center.

Ben's obsessed.
With our heater.

Ohh how we loved taking home the numbers we'd receive.
Side note: most of these were hard earned
by the one and only Mel Fjel.
Enjoying a moment at my favorite place:


And once upon a time my mom was on a morning show.

Dinner. Settebello.
With BFF/wife/Chinese sister, Abigail.


And of course a large dosage of Laur.
My main squeeze.  Missed her.  Miss her.


Si said...

Great pics Brookie Cookie. loves, Mother

Laur said...

Oh Brookie Shokes, that dosage was well needed and appreciated by me. I adore you and miss you loads.

erin noelle said...

Hey wait, is that that one restaurant in Kamas that has good burgers and shakes. Totally been there.