Sunday, September 26, 2010

Madrid: It's a Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood

For the next three months, I am lucky enough to live on this gorgeous street:
Costa Brava.  Just ten minutes from downtown Madrid.

I decided to take this journey unaccompanied in hopes of learning more Spanish.
And also because I don't mind doing things just myself.
Sometimes I actually prefer it.

The apartment.

Doorknobs.  I love their Doorknobs.

My bedroom for this next little while.
Adorable? Yes.

Living room.

Where we eat together three times most days.
Breakfast: 830-ish. Lunch: 3:30. Dinner: 9:30.
Every meal is cloth-napkin standard.
Some of my eats: gazpacho, tomato salad, empanadas
slow cooked pork, spaghetti carbonara, pescado.

My only obligation (and purpose) in coming to Madrid.
Teaching Anita and Beatrice English.
Three hours each weekday.
These girls have already been so good to me.

"The urge to travel, to open our minds and move beyond the familiar- is as old as man himself."


natalie said...

oh my heavens.
this looks amazing.
you are going to have a wonderful experience.
i just know it.

paz y amor

Afrodita & Venus said...

Welcome to Spain, I hope your stay in Madrid is great, I wish you

Laur said...
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Brooke Shoko said...
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Si said...
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Beesh said...

Brooke!!! this is so cool.. I can't believe you're there. Yes. let's please skype soon. p.s. i saw your mom at my ward the other day and had a good chat. anyways let me know what time works for you.
my e-mail:
skype id: b.t.nelson