Friday, April 30, 2010

Thank You

Just a quick shout out to whoever or whatever slapped these on the cement. Because of them, my day is much better.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Movie Time

Some of my recent views:

Cute, cheesy, sad, Hannah Montana. [C+]

Far-fetched, interesting, too long. [C-]

Sad, sad, sad, cute, the beach. [B-]

Stupid, unrealistic, find something better. [D]

Crazy, dark, a tad on the long side, impressive. [B]

Don't, waist, your, time. [D]

Great story, depressing, beautiful. [B+]

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

I heard this yesterday- I think while I was out and about, waiting in line for a sandwich. Hopefully your internet isn't as bad as mine and you can enjoy the full song. [2 weeks left of school . . . yessssssssssssss]

Friday, April 16, 2010

On Wednesday

Wednesday was great.
And for a few reasons:
  • Met up with the Abigail. I have missed this girl. We were technically a married couple for our 4 1/2 months last semester. On average we'd spend 20 plus hours with each other EVERY DAY. It was awesome.
  • The weather was beautiful.
  • Went to a book tour for Post Secret. If you haven't heard of these books . . . well, they are amazing. Basically a huge collection of postcards people have sent to this guy [frank warren] anonymously with all of their secrets. Some are sad, hilarious, depressing, inappropriate, and insightful. Super interesting stuff. Got two of his books autographed. Woo!
  • Got to spend time with the fam. I can never get enough time with them.

Some Post Secret postcards (just to give you the gist of it):

Me, Frank, Abigail

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Sunrise On Lake Pontchartrain"
From the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Possibly one of my favorite non-lyrical/soundtrack songs.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

- My mom is coming to Logan tomorrow. Let the sun shine in.

- I love the new Wheat Thins cardboard boxing [especially the back].

- This week I accidentally bought Grape Nuts cereal instead of Grape Nut FLAKES. Now regretting it.

- My cell phone screen is cracked.

- Still need to vacuum the glass out of the back of my car.

- The warm (Logan warm) weather makes it more difficult to study.

- My room mate suggested the other day that our apartment start rationing toilet paper. She was not joking.

- Tonight's gonna be a good night.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

12 Months Later

What can happen in a year?

After putting some thought into it, I remember:
Finishing my first year in college
A summer in Yellowstone
Learning how to waitress
Visiting NYC for the first time,
with my mom and sister
Teaching English in China

These are the big things.

Sometimes I forget the smaller things:
Making my first quiche
Taking a long drive by myself
Experiencing a Spring Break on the beach
Saying goodbyes and hellos

Today, I remembered a change I made one year ago,
That proved to be big and small.

It was a rainy day. I was bored, and so was Joey.

We got together and headed to Great Clips,
Feeling in the mood for some self liberation,
Leaving with much less hair on our heads.
I think he may or may not have cried.
When I saw my mother the next day, she screamed.
"I thought it was an April Fool's Joke", she said.

Now, one year later, I have learned my lesson.
As much of an optimistic person I usually like to be,
I can say with honesty that
I hate myself with short hair.
With the exception of a minimal trim over
Christmas break,
I haven't touched it since.
This is me, with room mate Jen, one year later.

I cannot wait for the 2011 post.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Book of the Month

The Kite Runner. An amazing book I finished today. Khaled Hosseini captures some of the most intense moments during the drastic changes in Afghanistan through the life of a young boy. I loved its overall theme of learning from past experiences and standing up for the good of humanity. A definite recommendation for those looking for an intense historical fiction.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear Puppy

Dear: Puppy,

It has been three months today. And we still all miss you. I had a dream about chocolate Labradors last night and it made me really miss you. Sometimes when I'm at home and hear a subtle sound, I think it's your collar. Every time I leave the house, I remind myself to put you outside. Lots of times my mind plays games with me and I swear I can hear you breathing by the fireplace. The garage still has a huge bag full of doggie food- what are we supposed to do with that now? Huh?? I hate seeing your kennel door always shut and the snow in the back yard paw-less. It probably wasn't a good idea to watch "Marley and Me" the week after we put you to sleep. For a little while, this was all I could think of- I even wrote an essay about you for my English 2010 class. Not only did I get an A, but it made the teacher cry.

I'm happy that you don't have to deal with that huge tumor or a limp anymore though. How is doggie heaven??? If it were up to you, I'm sure there are plenty of toilet bowls to drink from, dogs everywhere to mate with, plenty of kleenex to chew, and a nice spot of shade under a tree where you would stretch your legs [in that bizarre way you stretch them completely back] and sleep for hours on end. I hope you haven't forgotten about us: the nut-case humans that bossed you around for 12 years. I hope you forgave me for the times I never said hi or even pet you on the back. I hope that your fur is still the softest and that you've kept up your record for zero biting incidents. I hope you are staying out of mischief and enjoying this new life of yours.

Much love, Brookie.
The tallest, brunette female with the deepest voice.