Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day One Hundred Nineteen

A full day off.  Praise the heavens.
Decided to venture off to the little town of Gardiner, Montana.
Cruised through the park on the way.
Passing through Mammoth in Yellowstone.
This post office- it spoke to me.  Isn't it gorgeous?

These two needed a lift.  I couldn't help myself.
Better me drive them to Gardiner than some creep.  Right?
We had a good time anyway.
The hills are alive.
Time for a new read.

Walked all around the town, had a bite to eat, relaxed.
Cute little place.
Thanks, Gardiner.


natalie said...

you are living in probably one of the most gorgeous places there is. i may be a tad be jealous.
love the asians and yellow house pic.

miss you.

Anonymous said...

I remember that arch! My parents dragged me there in the fall. I think I was 10-ish. It was freezing, and for some reason, I had just about had enough walking around and standing for the day a and I just wanted to go back to the lodge. hahaha.