Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirteen

Oh roomies . . .

What I'm missing: jim impersonations, your laugh, walking alongside as you bike, discussing parent-sibling interaction, your good taste in music. Someone that will always get ice cream with me.

Come back? Thanks.

What I'm missing: working two full-time jobs & living together, cowboy fetish, someone who understands most everything about me, your style, laying at the pool, watching you eat nothing but almonds, apples, and peanut butter.

Get back up here.

What I'm missing: our naps, our sleepovers, our late night talks, making fun of chris, finding your pitchers of what-not in the fridge, having a nutrition genius, your midnight side salad runs. Oopschmeck. Yeah.

Cooooooooome back.

Oh hey, Benjamin.
Looks like it's just us now.
Last two on the island.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day One Hundred Nine

It's days like yesterday when I am reminded that people are good.

Each night I serve approximately 100 customers.
About 6 of them don't speak English
Around 3 are attractive young males
Over 38 of them are complainers or extremely impatient
11 of them are locals
52 are Mormon
17 of the 52 Mormons will bump into me at church on Sunday
"Oh wait, you're that waitress girl from the pizza place!"
About 15 are cowboys
33 are foreign
5 of them smell bad
12 are motorcycle men and women
17 are vegetarian
2 of them don't tip
1 is a co-worker
All of them are hungry
And most are tourists

Yesterday, 2 of the sweetest people came in.
It was their second time (you should also know that I absolutely love return customers). Don and Suzie from Washington. So fun to talk to and pleasant to be around.
People like this allow me to actually enjoy what I do for hours each week.
They ordered a couple margaritas, a medium pizza to share, and loved it.
I loved that they loved it.
We talked about this and that. Where they were from, how the park was.
And the usual conversation came up that I have a few times each day:

"So are you just a summer worker?"
"Yeah, it's my second summer here."
"Oh how fun. When does school start? Where are you from?"
"Salt Lake City. I'm a student at Utah State University."
"Oh so you're heading back soon?"
"No I actually have a month left here. I'm taking the semester off."
"Well what are you doing that for?"
"I'm going to Spain this fall. Teaching English, traveling. So excited."
"How wonderful."

And the conversation carries on.

Don, Suzie, and I had a conversation like this.
Yesterday as they were leaving the pizzeria they wished me luck again and gave me their card. Told me they wanted to keep up on my experiences if I had time to send and email or something of that sort.
As I was running into the saloon to grab a drink, Suzie stopped me and handed me $50.
"Good luck in Spain. Here's a little extra money to help you out."
The sweetheart.
On top of that they left me a generous tip for their meal and left happily.

It's people like this that make me want to be better.
More kind. More patient. More happy.

Another instance a few weeks ago just about melted my heart.
A lady sat to eat a pizza with her two young boys.
This random man just a few booths to the right of her flagged over Melissa and told her that he would be taking care of her meal.
It was interesting, approaching her after everything was eaten and telling her that the pizza had been paid for by an anonymous person in the restaurant.
The guy not only took care of the meal but gave me some extra cash which I also handed to her. The lady was confused, but you could see that she was grateful.
I couldn't help leaving that night just wishing I could be better.

People are good.
People are nice.
Not everyone is a pain in the rear-end.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day One Hundred Three

Moments I would happily return to . . .

Ski weekend with the girls- thank you Warren Miller.

Family trip to Omaha. College World Series.

The Howl as an African American. With Meliss.

Europe trip with Ma and Gma. For obvious reasons.

SBO stomps. Good times BHS.

Road trip with the parentals.

Being up at the family cabin.

Girls trip NYC.

Watching kynz strip the walls of our beloved PV 35.

Bowling lessons from Grandma Japanese.

Ingrid Michaelson concert- front row.

Or any concert for that matter (Jon Mclaughlin and Tiana).

Winter. Winter. Winter.

Es ef oh eight. Sr. choir trip to San Fran.

Watching Heidi miss the bus.

Moon festival Yangshuo.

Living in hostels. Couch surfing.

Bhudda shopping- Shanghai.

Being pregnant.

Winning the big bucks per Chinese game show (Shoko takes the bottom step).



Christmas time/sushi with Ma and Gma.

Being a student. I miss Logan.

Operacion Sonrisa Bolivia

Bonfires with pals.

Painting days. (I'm the go-to paint person in the fam. For some reason I enjoy this.)

Nights out with Tru.

Watching this girl "hit" a pinata.

And this girl.

Peanut Butter Ball fest.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day One Hundred Two

Favorite song of the week.
I'm in love with the chorus.

I used to see the night so anxious, but now I know
The only thing it ever taught me was a grand illusion
That comes and goes, the city blanketed of snow.

What if we die, no end and no conclusion.
How could you smile, just walk away.
Well I don't know.
I don't know.

I met you at the railroad station, now years ago.
And something happened on the night I last drank with you in the neon glow.
Now I don't see you anymore.

The Midwestern sky, is gray and cold.
The sun never shines, but that's alright.
And I couldn't find the letters that you wrote me.
What did you write? Where'd you go, well I don't know. No.

Take a little time gonna roll the dice
Taken for a ride, any normal life will do, too.
Find another way, try to break the ice
Every day and night, the banana peels were true. True.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day One Hundred

Yesterday I went home. For just one day. It was completely unplanned and completely worth it.

I got to see Lauren. My best friend in the whole world. She has been living it up in Mexico for the second time. This is something we share- a love for travel. But even after not seeing each other for months we pick up exactly where we left off and enjoy doing anything and nothing together. We want to open a hostel together. But we know that won't happen. Raspberry sisters.

I spent a solid day with my family. Complete satisfaction. The more life I experience, the more I realize how lucky I am. These five individuals understand me better than anyone and most definitely bring out the best in me. My sister is recently engaged. Neil is wonderful. Not only is he a great guy but I'm genuinely excited for him to become a part of our family. This was also most likely the last time I will see Stephen until December. Stephen and I laugh at the most bizarre and abstract things together- we know exactly why we find the scenario hilarious. I love this. I'm excited for him to leave to Dixie and experience college. People love Stephen. It's days like this when I wonder why I ever left home. I appreciate every moment I have with them.

My cousin Ty recently returned from an LDS mission in the Phillippines. I was able to listen to his homecoming talk- this was great for so many reasons. Last summer I missed the farewell and was devastated. Ty is the only cousin I have that's my age. We have become very close over the past few years and have shared some awesome times together. Ty has an incredible testimony and is more in tune with the spirit than anyone I know. Yesterday, sitting and listening to him share experiences and bear testimony for a few minutes made the whole ten hours of driving completely worth it.

The drive was beautiful. I love catching up with friends over the phone, listening to playlist after playlist, and having time to myself.

It's been one hundred days since I've been in Yellowstone. This time last year, I was just leaving West. This summer still has a month left. My feelings are mixed. Half of me is so over this- the tourists, the 75 hour weeks, the lack of sleep, the exposure to drugs and drinking. The other half of me is depressed about leaving- what has become my home, my friends, the gorgeous outdoors, the familiarity. I love it here, but I'm excited for change. Might as well live up these last few weeks. Enjoy the moments WHILE they're here- not before or after.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day Eighty Seven

Human nature defeats me yet again:
I am ready for the next thing.