Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amatuer Photography Shoot #1

If you haven't noticed by now, I love photography. Am I even close to legitimate? Certainly not. Do I enjoy it? Immensely. This is my good friend. We'll call him James Dean. He just opened a lookbook account so we took advantage of today's overcast lighting and had a small photo shoot. 


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break Highs and Lights

Beautiful beaches, snorkeling, reading, laying, beach volleyball.
The most delicious mango(s) I have ever partaken of.
The sweetest child we found by the beach.
Sibling love. They pulled hair over that map.
Hostel Rio Playa. Included 12 room mates from all sorts of everywhere.
Guacamole with every meal.
New friends.
More new friends.
Dan's sunburn: the brunt of most jokes all week.
Long walks on the beach.
Pico, tortillas, tacos, quesadillas,  burritos, you name it. All delicious. Mostly authentic.
A lovely 10 hour layover each way.
And to end the trip on a good note, some ideal people watching in Dallas.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring. Break. Can. Cun.

Freshman year spring break: St. George. 
Sophomore year spring break: San Diego.
Sophomore year (part two) spring break:

Can flipping Cun.

Tan lines
Piña (ahem)

Life is great.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Responding to Strangers

My written response to Elder Bond:

Dear: Elder Logan James Bond,

In all of my twenty years of living life you are the first Mormon missionary who has taken the time to write me. The smell of your envelope was enough to seduce me right away. And . . . from the sounds of it you're everything I want/need in a man: smart, Mormon, increeedibly handsome, confident, great with kids. Elder, I can't wait for our relationship to blossom and see what the next two years will bring us. Until 2013 though. Just continue to work hard, and when days get rough keep in mind that you have a (future) wife and kids at home. 

Yours eternally, Brooke Shoko Foster

Post Script: I took the liberty of enclosing my own self portrait. Enjoy.

Brooke Shoko's self portrait. I'm considering a frame?
Eagerly awaiting his reply . . .

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Letters From Strangers

Brother on mission. Brother has companion on mission. Brooke has mailbox. Letter in mailbox for Brooke. Letter from brother's companion on brother's mission. It reads:

Dearest Brooklyn,

I currently have the privilege of rooming with your beloved brother, Stephen.  First off, let me say that your handwriting is fantastic. You must really work on your penmanship.  You don't know me, but I felt like, from the moment I saw your picture, that I've know you my entire life.  My name is Elder Logan James Bond, and yes, that is my real last name.  If you really like it, wait two years and it's all yours.  Your brother has given me his blessing to pursue my endeavor in the courtship of his most beautiful sister. I know what you're thinking, what did you do to deserve such an honor? But let's not focus on that now, when we have the rest of our lives to discuss such frivolous topics.  I'm sure your next inquiry is what does your knight in shining armour look like? Well let me leave you with an enclosed self-portrait that I hope you find pleasing to your eyes. Two years sounds like a long time to wait now, but it is not a large price to pay for eternal happiness.  I hope that as you continue to write me while I am on my mission, that our relationship will continue to grow as we develop those emotional bonds that will keep our future temple covenants strong and alive between us.  I await your reply and your enclosed photo that I may hang up in my room, that I may always view it and be reminded to make you proud as I serve the Lord and the people of Bolivia. I wish you the best of luck in your studies. Don't let your thoughts of me distract your work. 

With much love,  Elder Bond.

Elder Bond's self portrait.