Friday, July 27, 2012

Catch up.

Who wants to hear about my job and summer school lately? Exactly.
Here's a little refreshing catch up of life away from school/work:

Left: Catching the premier of Batman with the Settebello crew. So so good. Thinking I might need to go see it again. Midnight isn't always my finest of moments.

Above: Hanging out with Jake a lot while the parentals were on a cruise. Had such a blast with my now 16 (I know) year old brother. Happy sweet sixteen Jake!

Post cruise: M&D attempting to fix the new printer. Absolutely could not resist this photo opp.

Ashlyn the Hewlett invited me to the annual Kamas demolition derby. An eye-opening and cultural experience indeed. Sign me up for next year, Sash.

Me and my date for the evening, Haley Joel Osment.

Sarah and her date for the evening.

Night out with Abountifulkitchen at a new restaurant downtown called Pallet. Yum yum yum.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Operation Smile Kenya Follow Up

Just recently, the videographer from the Operation Smile Kenya mission completed this beautiful video overviewing the nine days we spent in Meru.  My heart just about melted as I watched the dad and his baby progress from screening to recovery. This man's name is Yussuf, and we kept in close contact throughout the mission.  He was so appreciative of the entire experience and asked for my email towards the end of the week.  Not long after, I received this message:

Dear Brook, 

Trust you have arrived back home safely and that all your family members are ok. I’m Mr. Yussuf Jillo, the father of Hamza Yussuf who was a cleft –condition child under your able care at Meru Hospital in Kenya during the operation smile project. Allow me to register my heartfelt gratitude & appreciation for the noble task you have undertaken by travelling over miles and miles away from home to come and put back a smile on the face of humanity.

The successful surgery to my son Hamza has not only restored his natural adorable facial features but has put back a lasting smile with confidence on his young vibrant face and touched us deeply in our ever hopeful hearts as his young optimistic parents for this great day to come. Words can’t express what we are feeling but kindly accept our words of “Ahsante Sana”(A BIG THANK YOU). And due to what we felt and saw, I’m ready to be a volunteer like you anywhere globally to be ambassadors of peace and hope. Kindly feel free to recommend my name to any Volunteering institutions world over where I can give back . I have what it takes and passion to drive me.

We are particularly touched by your humbleness and your dedication of being present throughout the project time, when you carry the young innocent once in your arm to and from the theatre (operating room) to the ward and your camera to ensure every happening is well covered and your restoration of hope to young ones and their parents through ever present beautiful smile has touched us deeply and left a mark of endearment to service of humanity. I want to assure your company (employer) that in you we have seen able and efficient person to restore hope and smile through this project. Allow me also to mention that, you were the most beautiful one amongst all your colleagues and your smiles lingers on minds of many who have shared even the shortest moment with you here. Your towering figure and warm smile is everlasting and a source of hope and encouragement to many. Keep up the good work.

May God continue blessing the work of your hand. Kindly feel free to contact me whenever you plan to visit Kenya again. Feel free to talk or write to me anytime. I guess the 49ers are doing fine in UTAH. (See photo below) Remember my jackets as their ardent fan miles and miles away ? Once again AHSANTE SANA and welcome back again.

Kind Regards,


It's a letter and story like this that makes everything completely worth it. Ahsante Sana, Jussuf

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man


Reasons to see The Amazing Spider-Man:
Great new spin on the classic.
Loved the Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone combo.
It's hilarious.
They included Coldplay's "Til Kingdom Come" in the soundtrack (my heart may have melted a little).

I miss my friends from the Salt Lake work place (now serving up in Farmington), so it was fun to get together with a bunch of them and enjoy the premier. We even bumped into Spidey himself after leaving the gateway. Lucky us!!! Two thumbs up for The Amazing Spider-Man.