Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Eighty One

Horseback Riding.
Something I set aside time for every summer.

My horse. Confusion? Calamity? Convulsion? Something of that nature.

Melissa the Marshall.

Love this photo of Ben.

And this is why I love days off ...

Hi, Grantland.

Melissa the Fjeldsted.

Group snapshot.

Thanks, guys.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day Seventy Nine

Something (among other things) I can never get enough of: sleep.

Position: Begins on the left side, curled up, pillow between shoulder and head. Progressively roll onto stomach- feet hanging from bed, hands cupping face.

Amenities: Down comforter, Tempur Pedic pillow, blankets, body pillow.

Necessities: Blanket. With this, I sleep anywhere, anytime.

Likes: Feet dangling from bed's end, candle burning, window open. When sharing the room I also enjoy dozing off to sounds of typing. Rapid key strokes- mmmm. Thank you.

Dislikes: Sleeping too cold. Good circulation? What's that?

Before bed rituals: Vitamins, prescriptions, worship, brush of the teeth, wash of the face. Tadah.

Habits: Sleep walking. Sleep talking. Waitressing nightmares [On a brief tangent, these suckers occur EVERY night following a waitressing shift. The dominating theme: stress. Have woken up to dollar bills scattered on nightstand ("giving change" to customers), Clorox wipes at the foot of my bed ("wiping up" spills), finding myself standing in the middle of my bedroom or kitchen ("helping" customers). An extremely inescapable and recurring trauma.]

The playlist: "Beautiful Slow". Norah Jones, Bon Iver, James Taylor, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Damien Rice, Meiko. Don't forget my new favorite song "My Love" by Sia, which may or may not have been on iPod repeat for the last six days.

Length: Seven hours for proper functioning. Will easily take an additional three or four. Naps ranging anywhere from two to seven hours in length.

The end: There's never a better way to be woken up than by hearing someone softly call your name. My mother is the best at this. She ever-so-gently scratches my back, asks me about the night before, and frequently invites me upstairs for some sort of delicious breakfast. Now that I don't have this, I appreciate it more than ever. Unfortunately, most days I wake to the sound of two obnoxious alarm clocks. One of which I usually sleep through for fifteen minutes.

Sleep well, dream well.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day Seventy Six

I bought a puppy.
It's a black labrador. Gentle, hilarious, perfect. My dad and I saw his mother for the first time in Island Park a couple of months ago and noticed that she was due for puppies soon. I visited the pup a couple days after it was born. Amazing. The weekly visits have continued every Tuesday (my night off) and are anticipated very much- every single week. The evening includes a meal at the Trout Hunter (delicious by the way) and a drive over to Tom's house, the fly fisherman who is selling this beautiful pup. I sit for a few minutes, watch them crawl all over each other, take a few pictures, and say goodbye.
He has a home.
In two weeks, I'll be taking him home to the fam dam in Bountiful. I am ever so excited for this road trip. Just me and puppy. At that point (May 4), he will be 49 days old. The ideal time to take home a puppy for purposes of training and settling into a new environment.
Still needs a name.
Java. Spot. Shadow. Beau. Boomer. Oakley. Lots of options- Would love suggestions.
Leave me a comment?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day Seventy One

JUST discovered these at the gas station last night.


I love them.

Perfect combo of sweet and salty.


Forget the others.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day Sixty Seven

I am working the front desk.
But not grumpy.
Eating leftovers.
Vodka Penne.
I almost prefer my pasta as a leftover.
The flavor- is better.
My mom makes a delicious spaghetti carbonara.
I thoroughly enjoy it as a leftover.
I also love leftover pizza.
And leftover Thanksgiving.
Some things though are disgusting
As leftovers.
Such as Pancakes.
Or anything with broccoli.
Going to Bozeman tonight.
Hopefully the one movie theater in town is open.
And some good restaurant.
Because the two that I've tried out this summer
Have been disappointments.
Zero for two.
Rachel and Drew and Enes are coming.
As well as some other boy.
I think his name is Logan.
Speaking of,
I am beginning to miss my little college town.
It probably is the perfect weather right now.
Kynzie is in Logan.
All of my friends are soon to be in Logan.
And now I need something sweet.
Like a caramel.
Or even some chocolate milk.
Nestle chocolate milk,
By the way,
Is disgusting.
I had it for breakfast yesterday
And was dissatisfied.
It's now in the garbage out back.
Slowly stenching everything surrounding it.
Only two hours and fifteen minutes
Before I'm done with this nine hour
Front desk shift.
In this little town
Where everyone knows everyone.
And nobody's business
Is everybody's business.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day Sixty Five

I love journals.

A couple more lists I made while spending endless hours on sleeper trains in China.

Feelings I dislike:
  • dropping a popsicle on the ground
  • losing a key
  • forgetting a close friend's birthday
  • entering a restroom to see that there's no t.p.
  • walking in wet jeans
  • seeing a spider on your bedroom floor
  • having your iPod battery die
  • biting into a soggy apple
  • sleeping through work
  • finding out about a new cavity
  • working with Lorene
  • having your car slide on the freeway
  • wearing a hole in your favorite sock
  • forgetting to feed the dog
  • not being able to start your car
  • having to ask for money
  • breaking a guitar string
  • scratching a chalk board
  • losing a sentimental gift
  • feeling like you have to vomit
  • showering in cold water
  • being woken up from a nap
  • dropping your cell phone on cement
  • losing a rivalry game
  • seeing mold as you bite into bread
  • scoring low on an exam you thought you did well on
  • getting pulled over
  • having something stolen
  • when it rains right after you've washed your car
  • having a new CD skip
  • when your computer freezes mid-project
  • trying to sleep with a runny nose

Feelings I enjoy:

  • having a spotless room
  • wearing sweats
  • getting the "have a great day" note from your mom
  • finding $20 in an old coat pocket
  • stretching after an extensive car ride
  • waking up to friendly text messages
  • laying on freshly mowed grass on a warm summer night, looking at the stars
  • snow on Christmas day
  • extended due dates (school)
  • reuniting with an old friend
  • showering after camping
  • sunday naps
  • holding an infant
  • when your favorite song comes on the radio
  • taking a 3 hour nap
  • wearing new jeans
  • getting a raise
  • buying lemonade from the neighborhood kids
  • finishing finals week
  • pay day
  • biting into a chocolate covered strawberry
  • laughing over old yearbook photos
  • people watching in an airport
  • stepping on crunchy autumn leaves
  • riding a bike
  • being completely unpacked
  • laying in the sun
  • walking into a house that smells like fresh bread
  • sleeping on warm, freshly cleaned sheets
  • paying off a debt
  • hot baths
  • enjoying a view after a hike
  • wearing a new pair of shoes
  • receiving letters
  • brushing and flossing
  • bonfires
  • going somewhere new
  • drying off with hot towels
  • skiing in perfect snow on a sunny day
  • getting a post card
  • going home

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Fifty Eight

It's back. And in full swing again: the crazy/chaotic waitressing life in July. Many customers, many food orders, and many behaviors. It brings me back to a BLOG POST I made last summer on different types of customers: the complainer, the mother, the perfect customer. It's during these high-stress evenings when I have to remind myself of a few things:

Each customer deserves my best service. Even if they are rude, indecisive, or smell bad.
I am working for some of the best employers in the world. I want to represent them well.
Take. Deep. Breaths. Even if I mess up a food order or get yelled at, everything's going to be fine.

After a nice Google search I stumbled upon an article on how to be a better waitress. Kind of interesting. Here are a few of Carrie's tips (some more obvious than others):
  • Know the menu. Drinks and food. Backwards and forward.
  • Be prepared for customized orders. No onions, extra cheese, light ice.
  • Be personable.
  • Take time to listen to customers- often times they want to tell a joke, about their day, or why they came in to your restaurant.
  • Do not lose patience with complaining customers.
  • Keep drinks filled always.
  • Upsell.
  • Anticipate needs of customers.
  • Admit and apologize to customers when you make a mistake.
  • Remember the regulars.
  • Pre-Bus.
  • Be organized.
  • Repeat orders back to customers.
  • The customer is always right.
  • Look nice- appearance does matter.
  • Treat the rest of the staff well and communicate.
  • Enjoy working. "Have fun."

Some of my own personal tips for customers (in other words, how to receive better service):

  • Be reasonable. Yes, it is my job to serve you but no, it isn't reasonable to change an order 15 minutes after it's been put in or to know exactly how many french fries are going to come in your basket.
  • Be polite. Please treat me like a human being, aknowledge that I do have more than one table, and if your child somehow by chance vomits- clean it up.
  • Ask my opinion. Not a necessity by any means but something I enjoy. For one, I have eaten everything on the menu- multiple times. I know which items and drinks are the most delicious and popular. Let's make it easier for both of us.
  • Enjoy your dining experience. There's nothing I love more than serving people who are happy. They take their time and savor their food. Good conversations over drinks follow dinner. They are friendly and admire the restaurant and its atmosphere. Sometimes they even throw me a compliment. They are an incentive to be a better waitress. Thanks you guys- wherever you are.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day Fifty Seven

Back to reality after a wonderful 7 day vacation with the whole family in Mexico.

Sleeping in.
The Ocean.


Plenty of Pina.

Seafood crepe.

Lobster. (Yes, we love seafood)

Windy. Extremely.

Just because.

Typical Cam Cams.



View off of Tulum.


Mas familia.



The resort.

Red (Danger) flag up the entire vacation. Did that stop us? No.

I love hammocks.

This little blessing sat behind me on the flight home. Also kept me alert and awake.

Just look at this.

Excellent vacation.
Happy Fourth.
Much love, Shoko.