Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloweekend

 My new-found friend Aaron let me borrow this costume for party time last night. Pretty legit huh? I've always wanted to be an OB/GYN (psych), so the get-up turned out to be great practice!

 The father of this child was thrilled to take him home after another successful delivery. 

 Colby hated my costume. But it was great to see him. You should see his dog- he's even cuter.

 Jocelyn (Wendy's poster girl here on the right), my DEAR friend Jocelyn invited us to her party. This is during the introduction of mutual friends, blah blah yadda yadda. You know how that goes.

 Me, Jocelyn, and Sarah. Hanging out off of campus! (Sarah is a pumpkin for the 7th year in a row.)

 Some peeps we bumped into. 

 This is Andrew. We sometimes share a study table together at school. Drew lives for soccer and was thrilled beyond measure about the Real Salt Lake 3-0 win last night. He also looks identical to Brandon Beck, an old neighborhood acquaintance. 

And, to end an eventful evening we stopped at the Pie. Yumm. Happy Halloween everyone. Make sure to trick-or-treat in groups and don't forget to check your caramel apples for razor blades. Buh-bye now. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Am I the only one who thinks this is strange?

 Welcome to the J. Willard Marriott Library, where I spend a good chunk of my young-adult life nowadays. It's a fantastic library- nice architecture, newly renovated, good study spaces, you know. I love libraries. I think everyone does. After transferring to the University of Utah (Did I fail to mention I transferred from USU? Oops.) this was the first building I was excited to check out. And like I mentioned, everything's great about it.  With one exception . . .

 THIS.  What the on earth is this all about? Now you're probably thinking, "Cooool, a room with some funky looking chairs." Which is why I will now be so kind as to direct your beady little eyes to the windows. It may be difficult to see from this photo, but there is basically nothing in front of these big transparent windows- just long gray walls of cement.

 It's silly, right? Why do I even care? I just do. Probably because on a daily basis I see dozens of people sitting in these chairs (all facing the window).  It's as if there's this great view, or something. But there's not. 

 My one and only possible consensus: people enjoy sleeping facing simple, gray, glassy structures. Or just not facing other people. I still have yet to participate in the mass staring of the cement wall. Wish me luck.

And why not throw in another photo? It's quite nice.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Break: Rio Mesa Center

The beloved fall break has already come and gone. All of my potential plans I concocted previous months slowly fell apart. So, I decided to see if the Bennion Center had anything planned- sure enough, they did! The Rio Mesa Center is a property near Moab in Southeastern Utah that is currently being leased to the U for ten years. Our objective in spending time down there was to complete/continue a series of projects that fall and spring break groups have been working on for a few years now. The photo above shows our "home sweet home" for the week. The Rio Mesa center is on a gorrrgeous piece of land. 

This is the group. Twenty six of us total. Lots of foreign students. Lots of new friends- I didn't know any of these peeps before. And look at us here- one big happy family.

This is Kate.  Kate and her husband Hau (pronounced Ho) are earth-loving to a T. They are married, met while working as park rangers (Bryce Canyon I believe?), and currently run the Rio Mesa Center.

This is Hau, the one I mentioned above. Here he is, demonstrating his favorite technique for slot canyon maneuvering.

This is Tim. Tim is THE man. Time lives in Moab and does research on bugs and critters. Tim has a mite named after him.

Tim also took the time (approximately 30 minutes) to inform us on the details of the red-spotted frog. And yes, if you were wondering, the spots contain venom. Yikes!

More lecturing on mites. From a beautiful lookout point. 

One of the most comical portions of the trip- working our way through Moab country in Mini Vans. Hi-la-rious.

What better way to stay warm during a 30 degree evening than by huddling around a campfire?? 

Me and Go-Un (not quite sure of the proper spelling), working on ditch digging. We (as in everyone) also cleared a trail and completed the on-site solar showers. 

A large chunk of the week was occupied with various guest speakers. We discussed topics from birding, to light pollution, to archeology, to honey. The honey presentation was my personal fav. (surprise surprise). There were a good 15 samples of local honey products that I tasted. I ended up enjoying a darker honey called Dudley's Mystery. I'm usually not one that's too big on honey, but mmmm this was good.

And, naturally, I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to taste the actual honeycomb! 

Normally, I'd probably be disgusted by the idea of 30 plus people poking their digits into this tray for a taste. But because I was camping, this seemed to be a great idea! 

So, the week was great.  I met a lot of quality people, the weather was wonderful, and we completed our projects within the week that we were there. I was so proud of some of the other volunteers- for a lot of them it was their first time camping (gasp). Some of them really enjoyed the aspects of a camping week, and others not so much. It made me think about my Dad, the person I can credit most all of my love for camping and the outdoors to.  I remember my first backpacking trip- I was seven and begged him to let me come on the trip. He finally told me I could come if I was willing to work hard. So many of my best memories come from the many trips camping and backpacking while growing up. Thanks LGF!

Corriney and I, just loving life. What a chunk I was.

On the first (or one of the first) backpacking outings. I love this photo.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Do you want a free (FREE) KitchenAid? Read this post.

Alright peeps. I'm sure you're wondering one of a few things:

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B) How would a young lass such as yourself acquire such a wondrous kitchen appliance and slap the word FREE in front of it?

C) What is a KitchenAid?


Answers to the above:

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B) See answer A.

C) If you don't know what a KitchenAid is, we are no longer friends.

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Leave a separate comment on THIS blog post for each of the following that you complete above. Easy as pie? I thought so. Best of luck my friends.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm With You

If by chance you were wondering, the Red Hot Chili Peppers released their new album at the end of this summer: "I'm With You".  I've wanted to blog about the album for quite some time. But I really wanted to pick apart the album. You know, just listen to it a million times until I really reaaally figured out which songs were THE best.  So here are my top three: