Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day One Hundred Sixteen

Everyone should listen to this at least twice today.
"For Emma" - Bon Iver


erin noelle said...

You're kind of an indie hippie Brooke. I finally figured out the picture at the top of the blog. I thought it was wheat, or couldn't figure it out. Today I saw the nose and lips for the first time. Oh! It's you! Got it.

Christy Marie said...

Ohhh its been too long since I've stalked this blog!

Could not agree with you more. Lovvve this song. There's a 'myspace transmission' version that's pretty wonderful--have you already heard it? If not, get on that asap.. :)'re back in Logan right? I haven't run into you yet..

natalie said...

good song. come to meeeeeeee. asap.

Laur said...

Hey Brooke,

No worries. I had my dosage for the day (2 times listening to this song, now I could go for some Skinny Love and some Brookie love.)

Great chatting with you the other day.

Love you forever mi mejor amiga