Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unknown: Take Back Your Life

Not too long ago, I was glued to my computer, watching movie trailer after trailer. "Unknown" popped up. "Hmmm Liam Neeson. Hmmm punch line reads 'take back your life'. Let's check it out." The trailer was great. The movie was better. Incredibly suspenseful, great acting, set in Berlin, mind-boggling plot, rapid. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Would most definitely recommend. If you happen to bump into my Dad let him know that this is one he'd like.  Overall grade: B+

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Farewell Elder

Today. A tad different from normal days. Last October my brother Stephen was called to serve a mission for the LDS church in Puebla, Mexico. The call was opened early October and he finally entered the Missionary Training Center today. It wasn't easy and I doubt it will get easier but the whole experience was appreciated and spiritual. The last few days went something like this: Farewell on Sunday, last family dinner Tuesday night, getting set apart, temple early this morning, lunch as a family, and dropping him at the curb with one last goodbye. Lots of tears, emotions, whatnots. But I'm so extremely proud of him and his decision to serve. He will be excellent and hardworking. His special talents will serve him well these next two years. I'll miss my brother but as my great friend Nattles loves to say, "It's not goodbye, it's see you later." Best of luck Steve-Guy-French-Fry.

Jake and Jack enjoying our Mexican decor.

Last family meal at California Pizza. The guac and chips appetizer? Meager.
"We are fa-mi-ly. I got all my sisters and me."
Bittersweet. Is there a better word?
Final snapshot before heading in.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Would Be [that isn't]

If I weren't six feet tall I'd date short boys
If I weren't brunette I wouldn't care as much about being tan
If I weren't realistic I'd have dreams that I could fly
If I weren't mormon I'd most likely drink coffee
If I weren't so busy I'd take up guitar and tennis
If I weren't an American I'd probably complain about Americans
If I weren't in Logan I would be wearing less layers
If I weren't a pianist I'd be a cellist
If I weren't in Utah I'd be in Montana
If I weren't poor I'd drink an Odwalla juice every day
If I weren't a student I would be working full time
If I weren't so blunt and opinionated I'd probably have more friends
If I weren't in school I'd buy a dog
If I weren't a foodie I would be in better shape
If I weren't a girl I'd wear pants to church and be a lawyer
If I weren't so unflexible I'd do the Chinese splits every day
If I weren't single I wouldn't have endured so many blind dates
If I weren't my father's child I wouldn't feel so bad about not going to the U
If I weren't 20 I would attend concerts at the depot
If I weren't American I would be Dutch
If I weren't Brooke I would have been named Natalie
If I weren't studying speech-language pathology I'd be studying music therapy
If I weren't the second child I might not have taken up piano
If I weren't so independent I'd probably rely more on others
If I weren't so lengthy I couldn't eat as much
If I weren't my mother's child I would most likely enjoy the Olive Garden
If I weren't an older sister I'd have shoveled more snow and hauled more things
If I weren't so worried I'd sell insulation
If I weren't only 20 I could work at the gas station
If I weren't so sentimental I'd have less junk
If I weren't from this era I'd be from the 50's

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goodbye and Goodbye

Sister missionaries.
Just as most of my male friends have decided to come home a large majority of my female friends have decided to leave. Jennifer Frost: blonde, bubbly, room mate of two semesters, just great. Serving a mission in New Zealand. Her farewell was this Sunday. She is dying to leave. I am dying for her to have these experiences. Laurel Skye Simkins: brunette, feisty, room mate of one summer, amazing.  Serving a mission in Italy. Her farewell was also this sunday. She leaves tomorrow. And also called me today to basically say goodbye for a year and a half. Boo. Still, however, stoked for all of the incredible moments they'll have these next couple of years.

Draper, Utah temple. 

We decided to snap a few "friendly friend" photos before Jen's farewell.

Jen and Nat.

Jennifer and Madison.

Contos and Frosty.

Melissa and Jen. Seeing the trend?

Myself. Jenself.

Bye bye Laurel.

Side note.

Don't even worry that the average temperature in Cache Valley was a toasty
seven degrees today. At approximately 10 p.m. room mate Kelli and I caught
our basement bunkmates chilling around a campfire for nearly an hour. Burr.

Kelli heating the kettle. We love a good Stephen's hot chocolate.