Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day Sixty Seven

I am working the front desk.
But not grumpy.
Eating leftovers.
Vodka Penne.
I almost prefer my pasta as a leftover.
The flavor- is better.
My mom makes a delicious spaghetti carbonara.
I thoroughly enjoy it as a leftover.
I also love leftover pizza.
And leftover Thanksgiving.
Some things though are disgusting
As leftovers.
Such as Pancakes.
Or anything with broccoli.
Going to Bozeman tonight.
Hopefully the one movie theater in town is open.
And some good restaurant.
Because the two that I've tried out this summer
Have been disappointments.
Zero for two.
Rachel and Drew and Enes are coming.
As well as some other boy.
I think his name is Logan.
Speaking of,
I am beginning to miss my little college town.
It probably is the perfect weather right now.
Kynzie is in Logan.
All of my friends are soon to be in Logan.
And now I need something sweet.
Like a caramel.
Or even some chocolate milk.
Nestle chocolate milk,
By the way,
Is disgusting.
I had it for breakfast yesterday
And was dissatisfied.
It's now in the garbage out back.
Slowly stenching everything surrounding it.
Only two hours and fifteen minutes
Before I'm done with this nine hour
Front desk shift.
In this little town
Where everyone knows everyone.
And nobody's business
Is everybody's business.


corrine said...

hey... remember when you used to fight me for the left over chicken and broccoli? i do!

Kthorpe said...

But I will soon be in yellowstone, not in logan! YAY!

Si said...

The grapes are Weird!!
Winder Dairy choc milk is the best.
Grandma Japanese LOVES leftover pancakes.
love, your Mother

natalie said...

this was simply wonderful.

bama said...

I agree with your mother. boo on the grapes. the background behind the font is an unfavorable hue of baby poop. other then that, I love your post. sorry I was the reason for your fatigue. wait, no. not apologizing for that. loves.

Brooke Shoko said...

oh fine.
changed the grapes.
another reason to be more chipper.

bama said...

ha ha ha, your too funny. I like what you have done with the place.