Monday, July 12, 2010

Day Sixty Five

I love journals.

A couple more lists I made while spending endless hours on sleeper trains in China.

Feelings I dislike:
  • dropping a popsicle on the ground
  • losing a key
  • forgetting a close friend's birthday
  • entering a restroom to see that there's no t.p.
  • walking in wet jeans
  • seeing a spider on your bedroom floor
  • having your iPod battery die
  • biting into a soggy apple
  • sleeping through work
  • finding out about a new cavity
  • working with Lorene
  • having your car slide on the freeway
  • wearing a hole in your favorite sock
  • forgetting to feed the dog
  • not being able to start your car
  • having to ask for money
  • breaking a guitar string
  • scratching a chalk board
  • losing a sentimental gift
  • feeling like you have to vomit
  • showering in cold water
  • being woken up from a nap
  • dropping your cell phone on cement
  • losing a rivalry game
  • seeing mold as you bite into bread
  • scoring low on an exam you thought you did well on
  • getting pulled over
  • having something stolen
  • when it rains right after you've washed your car
  • having a new CD skip
  • when your computer freezes mid-project
  • trying to sleep with a runny nose

Feelings I enjoy:

  • having a spotless room
  • wearing sweats
  • getting the "have a great day" note from your mom
  • finding $20 in an old coat pocket
  • stretching after an extensive car ride
  • waking up to friendly text messages
  • laying on freshly mowed grass on a warm summer night, looking at the stars
  • snow on Christmas day
  • extended due dates (school)
  • reuniting with an old friend
  • showering after camping
  • sunday naps
  • holding an infant
  • when your favorite song comes on the radio
  • taking a 3 hour nap
  • wearing new jeans
  • getting a raise
  • buying lemonade from the neighborhood kids
  • finishing finals week
  • pay day
  • biting into a chocolate covered strawberry
  • laughing over old yearbook photos
  • people watching in an airport
  • stepping on crunchy autumn leaves
  • riding a bike
  • being completely unpacked
  • laying in the sun
  • walking into a house that smells like fresh bread
  • sleeping on warm, freshly cleaned sheets
  • paying off a debt
  • hot baths
  • enjoying a view after a hike
  • wearing a new pair of shoes
  • receiving letters
  • brushing and flossing
  • bonfires
  • going somewhere new
  • drying off with hot towels
  • skiing in perfect snow on a sunny day
  • getting a post card
  • going home


erin noelle said...

Don't give Lorene your blog address.

As you say, this post is legit

Si said...

amen. love you.

Melanie said...

Shokes I miss you so much. I love everything about you! I wish I had seen even a glimpse of you on one of your here for a day visits.

Kimi said...

Two great lists!

The first made me think there are so many things I hate (because I agreed with all of them) and maybe I'm too negative.

But the second one made me remember how great life is in all the little happy things that happen all the time.

Thanks for the great start to my day!

Ver word: kings