Friday, July 23, 2010

Day Seventy Six

I bought a puppy.
It's a black labrador. Gentle, hilarious, perfect. My dad and I saw his mother for the first time in Island Park a couple of months ago and noticed that she was due for puppies soon. I visited the pup a couple days after it was born. Amazing. The weekly visits have continued every Tuesday (my night off) and are anticipated very much- every single week. The evening includes a meal at the Trout Hunter (delicious by the way) and a drive over to Tom's house, the fly fisherman who is selling this beautiful pup. I sit for a few minutes, watch them crawl all over each other, take a few pictures, and say goodbye.
He has a home.
In two weeks, I'll be taking him home to the fam dam in Bountiful. I am ever so excited for this road trip. Just me and puppy. At that point (May 4), he will be 49 days old. The ideal time to take home a puppy for purposes of training and settling into a new environment.
Still needs a name.
Java. Spot. Shadow. Beau. Boomer. Oakley. Lots of options- Would love suggestions.
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Laur said...

My personal favorite pet name is Kitty. Or any other animal i.e. Dinosaur, Dragon, Yak etc.

Shane and McKenzee said...

Bruno, it spoke to me.

The Lonely Boy said...