Monday, July 26, 2010

Day Seventy Nine

Something (among other things) I can never get enough of: sleep.

Position: Begins on the left side, curled up, pillow between shoulder and head. Progressively roll onto stomach- feet hanging from bed, hands cupping face.

Amenities: Down comforter, Tempur Pedic pillow, blankets, body pillow.

Necessities: Blanket. With this, I sleep anywhere, anytime.

Likes: Feet dangling from bed's end, candle burning, window open. When sharing the room I also enjoy dozing off to sounds of typing. Rapid key strokes- mmmm. Thank you.

Dislikes: Sleeping too cold. Good circulation? What's that?

Before bed rituals: Vitamins, prescriptions, worship, brush of the teeth, wash of the face. Tadah.

Habits: Sleep walking. Sleep talking. Waitressing nightmares [On a brief tangent, these suckers occur EVERY night following a waitressing shift. The dominating theme: stress. Have woken up to dollar bills scattered on nightstand ("giving change" to customers), Clorox wipes at the foot of my bed ("wiping up" spills), finding myself standing in the middle of my bedroom or kitchen ("helping" customers). An extremely inescapable and recurring trauma.]

The playlist: "Beautiful Slow". Norah Jones, Bon Iver, James Taylor, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Damien Rice, Meiko. Don't forget my new favorite song "My Love" by Sia, which may or may not have been on iPod repeat for the last six days.

Length: Seven hours for proper functioning. Will easily take an additional three or four. Naps ranging anywhere from two to seven hours in length.

The end: There's never a better way to be woken up than by hearing someone softly call your name. My mother is the best at this. She ever-so-gently scratches my back, asks me about the night before, and frequently invites me upstairs for some sort of delicious breakfast. Now that I don't have this, I appreciate it more than ever. Unfortunately, most days I wake to the sound of two obnoxious alarm clocks. One of which I usually sleep through for fifteen minutes.

Sleep well, dream well.


Karlie said...

Brookie- I love this. I love all your posts for that matter. When are you coming home and racing off for Spain? I hope it's more than a few days so I can see you!

Si said...

ok, menu for Wed morning: really good bkfst. I already know what Im making Tues night. I found a recipe in a mag and read it to Stephen and Jake. Telling them how yummy it sounded. Their response - SICK. So, I said fine, i'll make it when Brookie comes home.
You and the sleepwalking. Scary and funny.
Rhubarb Pie??