Sunday, April 1, 2012

Indian Shopping: Favorite Finds

An Indian patchwork rug.  Fiiiinally found the perfect rectangular piece. Cannot wait to display in the bedroom after returning to the motherland. Such beautiful and intricate patches. Love it.

HENNA. Henna is such a fun experience.  This design was done by Venodhini, one of the Rising Star house mothers.  Legit right? Looking super homely in this photo- please excuse . . .

Custom made sandals! The shoe maker simply traced my foot on a piece of paper and had these suckers finished by the time I returned just a few hours later.  Cost= 8 USD. Who doesn't love a good bargain?

Here he is, finishing up the final touches on my leather shoesies.

A sari.  The women in India wear these every day.  To say I'm impressed would be an understatement.  They are hot, uncomfortable, and difficult to walk in. Both times I've sported the sari, however, it has been an absolute blast.  The people here are so appreciative of us trying to be a part of their culture.  "Auntie, so beautiful!"- what sweethearts they are.

And a little close up of the Foster children.  Take note of the bindi (forehead decor), and jasmine flowers. Very high fashion/Bollywood-esque.


cole linnae said...

omg!!!! you look like an indian GODDESS!!!

Jocelyn said...

dang you are gorgeous. I NEED those sandals. SO legit.

kenzis said...

You look stunning!