Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Playlist: Current Fav's

My job for the last four weeks here at RSO- medical coordinator.  Basically took anywhere from 6-18 volunteers out to the colonies per day and showed them the ropes in all of the different medical stations.  These are great days, but also long days.  Most of the colonies are at least a 2 hour drive from campus.  On an average week I'd spend about 30 hours in the car [eek].  I remember my first bumpy two hour drive to Rising Star from the airport and thinking to myself that I would tag along for car rides as seldom as possible. The driving here is anything but comfortable due to the horns, constant swerving, and poorly "paved" roads.  On the flip side, however, my stomach has adjusted. And, "by the grace of God" (as Dr. Susan would say), the four hour daily dose hasn't been a problem in the slightest.

So, the main reason for all this talk was to emphasize the fact that I've had some prime
music-listening time via el iPod. Some current fav's:

People Help the People- Birdy
Where to even start with this one.  Her voice? The lyrics? Just a great all-around heartfelt song.
Also have thoroughly enjoyed some other tracks from her recently released album.
Please also listen to her amazing cover of James Taylor's "Fire and Rain". 

Full Circle- Ben Kweller
Thank you Lauren Error for this gem of a tune. Be forewarned- don't let the twangy intro fool you (it left me skeptical at first). Simply put, this song puts me in a good mood. And also, for some unknown reason, makes me excited for summer time.

Happy Pills- Norah Jones
A good little smidgen of her soon to be released album, "Little Broken Hearts".

I Can't Make You Love Me- Bon Iver
a) It's Bon Iver.
b) Lyrics (tender).
c) Complete heart breaker.

Lost in My Mind- The Head and the Heart 
A song and some memories that I can't seem to let go of.


corrine said...

thanks for sharing brookie. i have been listening to your suggestions all afternoon to get my through my work day. please tell me, though, that you knew "i can't make you love me" was originally sung by bonnie rait! such a classic. i also really love adele's cover of this one. look it up if you haven't but i am sure you have. xoxo

Madeline said...

i feel like we could be very close music friends.

Kamille said...

i approve. not that it matters or anything.

you can call me Liz said...

oh gosh, gems! I am now addicted to people help the people. a.ddicted.

Brooke Shoko said...

Corriney- I did NOT know that! Will definitely look that up and have a listen.