Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recent Indian Eats

 Does this cookie look good to you?  Probably not.  Infact, you're probably wondering at this point why I even took the time to capture its existence.  This, however, is currently the best cookie in all of India (excluding the imports).  I searched far and wide for weeks with no luck. And, just as they say about love, it happens when you're least expecting it.  My good friend Vel kindly offered me one of these last week. 

Vel: Snacks, vedi good.
Me: (Thinking) Suuuure they're good.
Me: (Vocally) Why thanks Vel. What kind are they?
Vel: Coconut cookie.  You like?
Me: (Chewing . . . )
Me: Mmmmmmmm.
Vel: Yesssss. Vedi good! Super cookie.
Me: Verrrrrry good!
Me: WHERE did you FIND these?

And thus the coconut cookie passed its test. They are delicious- soft and chewy on the inside, and a little crisp towards the edges. Just a great home-baked sugar fix that's rare to come by in these parts. The following week I talked Vel into showing me the place where he found the goods.
 Who would think that all of the tasties would come from here?

 It was like discovering the Keebler Elf household. But the Indian rendition. The smiling bakers greeted me and gave me a mini tour of their facility. 

Flouring things up.

 Shaping the cookies . . .

 Weighing the ingredients. *Chef Chengalpattu's tip #241: Always bake barefoot.

Cookies and cakes everywhere.  The wafting scent was supernal.

Needless to say I snatched a few to-goies and was on my way.

And back to reality.  A few snapshots of some more typical Indian eats:
 Breakfast time. Dosa-  Typical Indian type pancake coated (we're talking coated, people) with pepper.  Complimentary mutton sauce for dipping.  

 Lunch & Dinner: Rice and vegetables. Eggs on a good day and fish every two weeks. 
Must . . have . . protein . . .

 A typical variety platter after a day at the hospital.

Another prime example of some of the things we eat at Rising Star Outreach. It tastes as good as it looks. Still trying to figure out what exactly these green octagon shaped vegetables are.

I love these ladies. Nurses Sharmeela, Aberna, and Navamani enjoying lunch after a day of medical.


Christy said...

Hahaha the Indian rendition of the keebler house...youuu're hilarious Brooke Shoko. I love reading your adventures.

Ry said...

Reminds me of "Cookie" the chief off of Matilda. These guys truly put their sweat and blood into their work.

Melanie said...

Oh Brookie I love the cookie tour! What a fantastic group of baker men.

Melwel said...

Cooking barefoot...great tip. Thanks for sharing your adventures...