Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mamallapuram: A day at the beach.

 Remember this place? Mamallapuram? That fantastic beach town just an hour and a half east of the Rising Star campus?  A few of us returned today for a day of relaxing and some shopping. After a couple of hours at the pool, Sam, Kelli, and I decided it would be worth a shot to try and sweet talk our way into getting one of the fishermen to take us out on a little boat ride. We walked just a few meters and within about 5 minutes had made plans with our newfound friend, Steve. 

They took us about 15 minutes out from the coast on one of the more bumpy sea rides I've experienced  and then lowered their "anchor" so we could all enjoy some deep sea swimming. Steve took the time to capture this blissful moment right before he jumped in to join the merriment. 

 Cross cultural bonding. Kelli claims the young lad behind her grabbed her tush as this photo was taken.
(An Easter miracle on his behalf.)

After leaving the beach we returned to the van and went on our way.  Highlight of the drive home: seeing this parade of duckies make their way so orderly across the street. 

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