Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear Puppy

Dear: Puppy,

It has been three months today. And we still all miss you. I had a dream about chocolate Labradors last night and it made me really miss you. Sometimes when I'm at home and hear a subtle sound, I think it's your collar. Every time I leave the house, I remind myself to put you outside. Lots of times my mind plays games with me and I swear I can hear you breathing by the fireplace. The garage still has a huge bag full of doggie food- what are we supposed to do with that now? Huh?? I hate seeing your kennel door always shut and the snow in the back yard paw-less. It probably wasn't a good idea to watch "Marley and Me" the week after we put you to sleep. For a little while, this was all I could think of- I even wrote an essay about you for my English 2010 class. Not only did I get an A, but it made the teacher cry.

I'm happy that you don't have to deal with that huge tumor or a limp anymore though. How is doggie heaven??? If it were up to you, I'm sure there are plenty of toilet bowls to drink from, dogs everywhere to mate with, plenty of kleenex to chew, and a nice spot of shade under a tree where you would stretch your legs [in that bizarre way you stretch them completely back] and sleep for hours on end. I hope you haven't forgotten about us: the nut-case humans that bossed you around for 12 years. I hope you forgave me for the times I never said hi or even pet you on the back. I hope that your fur is still the softest and that you've kept up your record for zero biting incidents. I hope you are staying out of mischief and enjoying this new life of yours.

Much love, Brookie.
The tallest, brunette female with the deepest voice.


Melwel said...

you make me cry too...I give you an A

erin noelle said...

This makes me so sad. I hate seeing how Stephen still thinks about and misses him all of the time too. What a sweet post. You do have a low voice. So does Miley Cyrus. Just some trivia.

The Lonely Boy said...

I am in love with this post and you Brooke Shoko.

Si said...

Sad. sad. sad. And sweet.

Kimi said...

What an oh-so-sweet post. My friends were talking about this one and I hadn't read it so I came over and read it. That's why I'm commenting so late, in case you wondered.

Aren't doggie friends so great?

Collin and Christian loved Hershey too, and miss him.