Friday, April 16, 2010

On Wednesday

Wednesday was great.
And for a few reasons:
  • Met up with the Abigail. I have missed this girl. We were technically a married couple for our 4 1/2 months last semester. On average we'd spend 20 plus hours with each other EVERY DAY. It was awesome.
  • The weather was beautiful.
  • Went to a book tour for Post Secret. If you haven't heard of these books . . . well, they are amazing. Basically a huge collection of postcards people have sent to this guy [frank warren] anonymously with all of their secrets. Some are sad, hilarious, depressing, inappropriate, and insightful. Super interesting stuff. Got two of his books autographed. Woo!
  • Got to spend time with the fam. I can never get enough time with them.

Some Post Secret postcards (just to give you the gist of it):

Me, Frank, Abigail


The Lonely Boy said...

Postsecret is one of my favorite blogs and books. That is awesome and I am glad you could experience that with Abigail Barth. :) miss you Shoko

Andrew Gerald Hales said...

I liked these. They made me laugh inside. None of them made me laugh out loud though.