Friday, April 23, 2010

Movie Time

Some of my recent views:

Cute, cheesy, sad, Hannah Montana. [C+]

Far-fetched, interesting, too long. [C-]

Sad, sad, sad, cute, the beach. [B-]

Stupid, unrealistic, find something better. [D]

Crazy, dark, a tad on the long side, impressive. [B]

Don't, waist, your, time. [D]

Great story, depressing, beautiful. [B+]


corrine said...

haha okay i loved seeing this. i am excited to see the last song. it looks cute. i thought 2012 was a D. way too long and i lost interest after about 20 minutes. three hours are you kidding me?! barf. i cant believe you didnt like failure to launch! hilarious! i love the part where she is trying to kill the mockingbird. its so mom. i heard bride wars was horrible. and i loved kite runner too. love you.

Brady Mathews said...

I would like to know what movie you would give an A for...

Kimi said...

Sad that I agreed with all of your grades, yet I still loved seeing all of those movies. Because they are movies.

It's the movie junkie in me. And the popcorn. And the friends. And the ambiance, candy, previews,and my favorite: the sound-check.

You don't have to say it. I already know I'm a weirdo.

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