Saturday, March 27, 2010

Only an old lady.

Yet another great story from my precious hours at work:

It was the average day again as a hostess. As I walked to the host booth to seat two older ladies (and by old I mean white hair, possibly a cane, and hunched backs). Before I could even ask how they were or how many were in their party, the older of the two pulled the peace sign on me. I was confused for a minute, but then realized that she was motioning to me that there would be just the two of them eating today.

Me: Alright, table for two? Let me grab you some menus.
Old lady: I want a table with no smoking
Me: Okay we can do- (cut off by Old lady)
Old lady: I want a table with no drinking
Me: Alright
Old lady: (Suddenly leans in quietly) And no sex.

What????? No sex??
Of COURSE no sex.

*But bless her heart right?*

Only an old lady could get away with a comment like that.


erin noelle said...

sweet post.

Laur said...

wow. I legitimately just lol'd (That's how Truman would have said it...)

natalie said...

oh my....brooke, this made me laugh SO hard. Love the picture too. The lady in it though has some hard core arm hair. But it´s lovely! ha

Laurel Rasmusen said...

just blog-stalking you again, nbd.
and i loved this post. senior citizens say the darndest things.. :)

Melanie said...

Hilarious! Love it.

Kthorpe said...

Just showed this one to my mom and when I read it the second time I noticed a very important line. "But bless her heart right." Love it, favorite line not only on your blog but in life.