Thursday, April 8, 2010

- My mom is coming to Logan tomorrow. Let the sun shine in.

- I love the new Wheat Thins cardboard boxing [especially the back].

- This week I accidentally bought Grape Nuts cereal instead of Grape Nut FLAKES. Now regretting it.

- My cell phone screen is cracked.

- Still need to vacuum the glass out of the back of my car.

- The warm (Logan warm) weather makes it more difficult to study.

- My room mate suggested the other day that our apartment start rationing toilet paper. She was not joking.

- Tonight's gonna be a good night.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

"I love the new Wheat Thins cardboard boxing [especially the back]."
-hahaha loved that :)

ldsfoodcritic said...

do grape nuts and a cracked cell phone screen have anything to do with each other? ;)

i used to eat grapenuts with yogurt during college. the running joke was, "we've secretly replaced josh's grapenuts with road gravel. let's see if he notices the difference."