Friday, February 3, 2012

Thai Muang: Home and Life Orphanage

Project number two in Thailand- volunteer at Home and Life Orphanage. This has been an incredible experience! (What a cliche line, but really- I mean it!!) Founders Root and Rosa started the orphanage after the tsunami of 2005 left thousands of families broken and several children without parents to care for them.  Home and Life began solely as a tsunami victim orphanage but has gradually turned into a place for all types of children from homes where parents couldn't take proper care of them. Home and Life allows each child an opportunity to go to school, live a healthy lifestyle, and escape the pressures of child labor. Together the children and staff consider themselves a family. They do a great job of following up on this label- they care for each other, share what they have, and show unconditional love to one another. Home and Life is without question the exception to most Thai Orphanages.

Currently there are 25 kids here at H&L. Getting to know them and learning their personalities has been an absolute breeze! In just two weeks I've come to love and appreciate them so very much. More blogging to follow on what I've been up to and how the departure goes (leaving on Sunday- don't remind me). 

More information on Home and Life:

Um (yes, that's his name), Beam, Bai-Tuey (Thai name they chose for me), Kho, and Sea in the front.


Melwel said...

Beautiful children Brookie..... you are such a bright soul. Love you

Si said...

Love the pics Brookles.
Keep them coming.

Ella simpson said...

Hey i dont know you but i also went to home and life this year (and last) i came on the 10 th (feb). My favourite kid was definatly Koh he was soo small and soooo cute. The kids like me cos im a kid also (im 10) my thai name was Sairong-it means rainbow. So glad you are also supporting home and life keep it up!