Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A little video of Thailand.

A little collaboration of random happenings during my four weeks in Kuraburi and Thai Muang. 
In other news ........
Departed from the land of Thailand. 
Now in India. With my cousin. Living in the sticks. Aka Thottanaval.
I*n*c*r*e*d*i*b*l*e thus far.
(More details to follow.)
Just got a Valentines day package in the mail. TODAY!
Thank you Mother!!!!

Wishing all a Happy Valentines Day back home.
With an extra bit of love from over here.


Talia said...

Brooke! That video was a dream.

I miss you, I love you, have fun, work hard, get smart!

Si said...

Glad you got your package :) Happy Holiday Hearts Day.
love you!

iminindiaandyourenot said...

Okay. I'm here. How do I sign on as a 'follower' of Brooke? If we're going to part of the same Ashram, we need a little better communication, don't you think?