Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bangkok: Sawadee ka to you.

Began my first day by wandering around and stumbled upon a great outdoor market.
The hot item of the day (or for life I should say): Buddhas. So. Many. Buddhas.

Found an awesome tour guide, "KJ", who ran me all around Bangkok showing me temples, delicious food, and markets. Pictured in the back left: Wat (wat means temple) Pra Kaew.
The Royal Grand Palace- our first stop.
Photos cannot do any justice to how beautiful and intricate these temples were. I had never seen anything like it!
More of the Grand Palace.
Coating more Buddhas with paper gold. Doesn't it look great? [Mom, let's do this with some of your ceramics at home.]
Beautiful intricate artwork covering the ceilings, floor, and walls.
Wat Pho. A mere 26 meters of gold-coated Buddha.
Wat Arun. My favorite of the three temples we visited.
Did I want/choose to wear this costume and take photos? Not really. (Apparently was part of the tour package I purchased) So soak it up peeps, this is more than likely the last time you'll see me in a getup like this!
The wat up close.
Enjoying the flower and fruit markets after a long and hot day in the sun.
Took plenty of tuk-tuk rides through the city. Great way to experience Bangkok.
KJ and I got along so well that she decided to take me to her daughter's work and introduce me to her family!
Ended the evening with a visit to the nearby Chinatown. Which was gargantuan by the way.
Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice? For less thank a buck? Sweet. Finished off my Bangkok trip on day two by shopping all day at the enoooormous MBK market! Great to see Bangkok. So great to have experienced Thailand.


Madison Beyers said...

BROOOKEEEEE that makes me so jealous. I have been to those EXACT spots.. i miss it. rub a Buddha for me =)

Melanie said...

I LOVE you in your get up outfit! That is so fantastic. Everything is amazing. I have added Thailand to my places to go list.

Ella ( i also go to home and life but yearly) said...

The market.. Much different to the market i went in Thailand. At Bang Niang market ( where home and life kids sell their cookies) people were batting flies away from meat with a plastic bag! And at Takupa market their were dead pigs with their head still on, a chicken with it's guts hanging out and fish still with blood on them! Gross huh? Thats why we ended up with bananas and sprite the day we went to Takupa market!