Saturday, January 28, 2012

Typical Thai Eats

Lots of onion and GARLIC in everything! Today my soup had entire garlic shallots in them. No kissing for Brookie tonight.
Tomatoes, cilantro, mushrooms, carrots, and so many delicious fresh vegetables.
Nam Piik Pao- A deliiiicious chili paste they use for tom yum kung (see below).
Had an excellent cooking class in Kuraburi from a friend named Pad. This dish: Kai lookuey. Deep fried hard boiled eggs topped with fried and fresh onions and a tamarind sauce. I was skeptical at first, but I assure you- it is tasty!
Tom Yum Kung- a flavorful soup infused with ginger and lemongrass. Also served with prawns, greens, and tomato.
This dish is simple but good. Cooked greens (I say greens because I have not a clue as to what these leaves are and have never seen them in my life), onion, garlic, and egg. Great source of protein eh?
Enjoying the feast with some other volunteers. Pad (back middle) is the lad that taught the class.
THE FOOD HERE IS SO FLIPPING SPICY. They just throw these suckers in anything like it's no big deal. My spicy tolerance, however, is getting so much better! Ice water anyone?
The fruit. Ohh the fruit here is so wonderfully sweet. Love buying these little pineapples at the market. Trying all types of fruits I've never seen before. Mango is still my #1 fruit though. Two per day (ideally).
Buayloi. A Thai dessert we made at my current project. Flour and water steamed and served in coconut milk.
Let's just say the final product looks much better than it appeals to my palate.
The food at Home and Life (current project) is delicious. A meat-curry creation served every night with rice and vegetables.
I should mention, though, the best part of mealtimes at Home and Life- sitting by sweethearts like Go! Ohhh he's adorable.
Some of the most authentic eats have been at my favorite spot to grab a meal- street markets! Pad Thai, fried chicken, sweet banana crepes, fresh fruit, fried fish, and anything you can imagine on a stick.


Talia said...

Oh Brookie, my mouth is watering! I am so jealous/happy that you are doing this! I"m living through you- hope that's ok. Love and miss you!

Natalie said...

i was looking at these with my four year old nephew and he kept saying "ewww, what even is that?"
classic child.

looks pretty tasty to me :)

Erin Blake said...

this post makes me so happy!

Lauren said...

Ooohh. I could go for some Pad Thai and Mango/Coconut Milk Rice with my best friend!

Ry said...

oh I miss that.. bring that bottled stuff home it is soooo good

Melanie said...