Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beijing: Arrival in the Orient

Mama Sayuri and I begin our adventures in Beijing!
Entering the Forbidden City.
Our tour guide Ping showed us around and had great explanation for all of the Forbidden City's symbolism and structure.
Our friend, unhappy that we were snagging photos of him. MSG much??
Beautiful colors, stonework (stonework?), every last detail important and high quality.
Visited the Temple of Heaven after.
And upon leaving ran into a bunch of Sr.'s actively engaged in an intense game of hacky sack. Grunting and all. "Hiiiyah!"
Loved the rough translations.
Also were taking to many factories and demos. The ladies above are showing how a silk comforter is made.
Dr. Tea demo.  New favorite drink: Pu-er.
Jade factory.
Time to see the Great Wall! My new bff asked for a photo together.
The Great Wall was absolutely F*R*E*E*Z*I*N*G.
But well worth it! These awesome photos taken by Mum don't even capture it's grandness!
Looking for the hot chocolate stand.
Mama Sayud being tough in the frigidness.
Testing out her new SiPhone. Pretty nifty.
Zai Jian Great Wall, until next time.


Kamille said...

yes. yes. thank you. thank you.

Rachelle said...

okay, so i get how its not as good as being there, but these pictures are breathtaking! absolutely amazing! looks like a long walk!

Si said...

great pics Brookles.

Ry said...

LOVE. Keep livin the dream for me

Lauren said...

Beautiful photos once again. You are the greatest. Mel and I were just talking about you today and how great you are.

Wendy Abbott said...

Hi Brooke! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can find out more on my page:

Congrats and keep up the great job with your blog!

And keep us all updated on your adventures!