Monday, January 16, 2012

Shanghai: 23,000,000 plus

So great to return to the amazing city of Shanghai!  Mother and I were greeted at the airport by her high school bff and long time friend, Leanne.  Leanne and her family were excellent hosts to us all week- showing us around a city of 23 million, taking us out for delicious eats, sharing their tips and tricks. Lots of shopping, people-watching, and sight seeing. Every day was fantastic. 
Xiao Ni, Leanne's cook taught us how to make dumplings! So so delicious. I miss her cooking!
Exhibit A: "Jiaozi".
And since we were in the neighborhood, decided to visit my students from a couple of years ago. So wonderful to reunite.
My classroom, now turned into a dormitory.
Bessie, one of the teachers.
Loved hanging out with Leanne's girls- Margaret and Sage. This is them, utilizing the dry ice remains from our Cold Stone.
Sage baby!
Any good mother shows her child how to urinate in front of a business's entryway.

The Bund- Shanghai's historic district. Leanna took us in the evening for the most spectacular view.

 The non existent mirror that I thought was there. oops. 

"Get down, cougs."

Preparing to eat the only bad meal of our entire trip. It was dis-gus-ting.
Seeing Suzhou.  A beautiful, quaint town of bridges and canals, just a train ride from Shanghai.
We tried lots of street food, which was (usually) delicious! These little crunchies- not so delicious.
Production of the dumplings . . .
I love this photo as well.  Such a great trip to the Orient with Mother and the Erich family! So great to share the Chinese experience with Mum.  Wo ai ni, Mama!!


Kamille said...

yes. i love it. suzhou is officially on my to do list. thanks brooke!

Natalie said...

LOVE! we have such similar pictures. You were basically right were I lived. Looks amazing :)

Melanie said...

Love it Shoko. Can't wait to hear and see more.

cole linnae said...

hahah that little boy peeing is like...'hmm. so thats how its done'