Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Earth

I saw the trailer for Another Earth a few nights ago. (Every couple months or so I indulge in a late night of watching movie trailers- it's fun.) Another Earth looked quite interesting. The idea and concept of essentially having another you exist on an earth #2 was thought provoking. Also, I fell completely in love with the song on the trailer [That Home by the Cinematic Orchestra].

Today, Mother, Jake, and I decided to see this flick- they were interested as well after showing them the trailer. Another Earth was a Sundance Film Festival award winner. In other words, the only theatre playing it in Salt Lake City was the Broadway Centre Theatre downtown.

The movie was nothing short of bizarre. Definitely glad that we brought the 15 year old brother for this one. So many uncomfortable moments I wanted to laugh at, but couldn't, and then did because Jacob initiated for me. My beloved trailer ended up being completely misleading. The plot was aggravating, the "twist" in the movie was absolutely horrific, and Mother while walking to the car identified the movie as "gross, morbid, disgusting, etc."

On a more positive note, I did enjoy a lot of things about it. The acting was superb, and the emotion was absolutely tangible. I wish it would have taken a different dynamic from the initial plot... Can't say much more. Wouldn't want to give it away. (You're welcome)

"What would you say to yourself if you could meet yourself?"
"There's another you out there. . . Now you begin to wonder: has the other me made the same mistakes I've made? 
And is that me better than this me?" 

These fantastic one-liners gave me a few things to think about.

  • Would I be more pleased or disappointed to see myself and the way I've conducted my life?
  • Would I be happy or annoyed with the people I chose to admire and associate with?
  • Would I be satisfied or embarrassed with the way I treated others?
  • Am I living remotely close to my potential?

This film was an absolute acid trip: C+ or B- . . . Can't decide.


Sarah said...

brooke brooke brooke brooke brooke brooke... im not sure what i want my comment to be but i know i want to leave a comment.... i love you? this was enjoyable to read? i enjoy those questions? i hope you wouldnt be disappointed you associate with me? youre a good writer? should i see the acid trip?

corrine said...

acid trip ha ha. when's the last time you were on acid? sounds like an interesting movie. love you.