Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What happened this summer.

School began last week. Monday. Drove back from West Yellowstone that morning. Good gravy the summer flew by. Just as always, I was devastated to leave. Happy to kiss goodbye 80 hour work weeks but so sad to say farewell to so many people I care about. Onto the next.

Work was good. Day shifts in the Saloon. Lots of encounters with locals during this day shift. Just loved the clientele, wearing whatever I wanted that day, and eating lots and lots and lots of pizza. Night shift at the Bar N Ranch was rather nice as well. My first experience waitressing in a fine dining environment. It was nice to work at a place where the food at the restaurant was truly the priority. The restaurant I served at was gorgeous. Brand spanking new cabin-esque building decorated with all sorts of taxidermied animals (think Cabellas). Commuting to Utah a few times a month also was also a large part of the summer. Pulling into Logan at 3 a.m. (or later) became normal, and orientation at USU was a blast- i especially enjoyed getting to know the others on the orientation staff. Did not especially enjoying the 6 a.m. wake up after 2 or 3 hours of sleep.

Free Time
Hiking, swimming at Hebgen Lake, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, boating, cruising through the park, biking, you name it. Managed to also take a few moments at the Three Bear outdoor pool. Does it pay to have connections? It does.

Lots of visitors from back home. Absolutely loved this. Why is it- that we can see someone back home or where we've met them, and it's nothing special. But the minute we cross paths in a different location or setting it's the happiest thing on earth? I do not know. But the phenomenon I just described was a recurring event this summer. Friends and family constantly saying hello or meeting up with me. It was great. Also had the opportunity to meet many many people. Tourists- the absolute bulk of my interactions. Co-workers and locals occupied most of my spare time. Became extremely close with many and found much satisfaction through good conversation, various outings, etc. The only bad thing about this remains a constant- goodbye is always just around the corner. Bleh.

This summer as compared to others
 The best. More difficult in some ways but overall a top notch summer. Excellent living accommodations with one of my closest friends, an appreciation better than previous summers for the gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous outdoors, a full summer to utilize the cruiser, more familiar faces, less early morning shifts, a fresh fruit stand on the corner, and many many a good times.

And the random assortment of photos that I had to throw in there.

Our friends/co-workers were wed this summer. Melissa and I decided to join in the festivities.

This is the view from the restaurant I worked at.

This is a photo of my thumb after I decided to cut the better half of the top off (slicing limes).

I LOVE Island Park. Dear friend Joseph and I canoed down this beauty not too long ago.

Spending just enough time to get that Vitamin D. Ahem.

I missed Jack. Mosely was my step-puppy for the summer.


Brett and Diane's fam. We met up for church and dinner at Old Faithful.

Harold and Kaari's fam. Enjoying breakfast at Bar N Ranch. (Delicious)

Trying to look somewhat conscious at orientation.

I. Love. Hebgen.

Gearing up for my 2nd attempt at wakeboarding.

Cal is amazing. This was my attempt at photographing one of his many tricks.

Learning that I could get up and stay up for longer than .5 seconds. Success!

Melissa- picking it up like it's nothing. Her athleticism- impeccable.


Drying off in the sun. Before Parker decided to push me in the water (again).

Saying farewell to Bean, my favorite local.

Sunrise off Denny Creek Road. Until next time, Montana.


Erin Blake said...

oh my that makes me miss Montana so much. Since my dad moved there years ago, it's hard to describe to people how awesome that country is. I even love just the plains of Wyoming. And I even like country music when I'm there. I met so many people who look just like Bean. Great people.

Natalie said...

looks like a perfect summer.

Lauren said...

Oh you are amazing. I just can't wait to see what your life has in store for you. I can only imagine. I hope I'll be in it forever.

Melanie said...

Oh Brookie. What a wonderful summer you always have. And how quickly they always go!!!!! So true about seeing people out of context, we feel like they are long lost friends.

Alyssa said...

ahhh! I made the cut! You're so cute, Shoko. I miss you lots and lots and lots.