Thursday, September 29, 2011

Someone's great idea.

I like this.
Why do I like it so much?
Is it because I'm a planner? A person who is CONSTANTLY thinking ahead to the future?
[We're talking multiple times a day. Many minutes. Sometimes hours.]
Is it because I enjoy the thought of happy futures?
Or simply because I enjoy the concept of deriving benefits from hard work?
Still trying to put my finger on it . . .
. . . .
. . . .
. . . . 

Wallah: I enjoy this quote so much because of the motivation it brings.
 Motivation, people. Something I truly can lack in the lull of a semester.
GRADES are my future.

An so this continues:
FAMILY is my future.
X AMOUNT OF DOLLARS is my future
SATISFACTION with previous decisions is my future
THE KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT I ate for breakfast is my future.
MY THOUGHTS are influential on my future.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
Simple enough.


Lauren said...

Great quote! And it was soo great to see you yesterday. :) My future self is thanking me for that TODAY.

Natalie said...

if words could express my words for this it'd be
love love love love love love love love love love love love times a million.

Jocelyn said...

You're just a gem. And this post is so true. This wa actually what my visiting teachers talked about last night!

AND PULHEEASE you could eat a million Krispy Kremes and never see any future effects. You rock. If I wasn't at work, I'd do the dine in deale-o thing at your pizzzzzzzza place right now I am SO hungry.

Mandy said...

Uplifting! Inspirational!