Sunday, December 5, 2010

Madrid: Lately . . .

Just soaking up the last little bit in Madrid.  Checking off all the boxes, re-visiting
favorite places, re-tasting favorite taste-tes.  (The Metropolis building off Gran Via.)

Calamari bocadillo.  A must try for the area.  Tasty.

Churros con chocolate. Delicious. So unhealthy.  Absolutely loved this
restaurant.  I asked the waiter for a small serving of the churros and this is
what he brought me.  I laughed.  And complained (jokingly).  He basically
grunted, glanced at the plate, and helped himself.   This made my day.

More sight seeing with Elyse!  Museo Thyssen Bornemisza.  Enormous.

Also saw the new Naria film that evening.  It was . . . meh.  Anticlimactic,
boring, far-fetched, predictable.  3D glasses were the definite winners there.

More visits to the ever-so-famous tapas district: La Latina.

Also the starting grounds for Europe's largest flea market: El Rastro.
You can find anything here.  Anything.


emily said...

i LOVE churros con chocolate. mmmm. live it up lady!!

Melwel said...


natalie said...

looks amazing. your friend looks way fun!
less than 12 days :)

Si said...

We MUST figure out how to make the churros with chocolate.

bama said...

ready for the return.

cole linnae said...

have i ever told you how jealous i am of your life?