Thursday, December 9, 2010

Madrid: Clases de Piano

I'm a definite believer in miracles.  Or tender mercies to say the least.  Upon arriving in Madrid, I knew that I would have ample amounts of free time.  I also knew that touching up on the piano was something I really wanted to do.  I'm currently working on a music minor at USU but even with that I never seem to have the time I need to perfect pieces and just enjoy playing whenever I like. I hoped to find a professor- someone who was qualified and actually could teach me a thing or two.  But how on earth to find a piano, let alone a qualified teacher?  Hmph. During my first week in the neighborhood my attention was caught by a flyer taped to a light post.  Piano, teacher, classes, diploma.  Basically all I could understand at the time.  It was perfect.  My host mom placed a call and before I knew it I had arranged weekly lessons and found a practice room.  I couldn't believe my luck. I was thrilled. Coincidence?  I think not.

My professor, Carmen Melero.  Such a sweet lady and incredible musician.
I loved our lessons.  I loved talking with her about odds and ends.  She was
so accommodating to my schedule and speaks excellent English. For most
of our lessons we intensively studied George Gershwin's (one of my absolute
favorite composers) Rhapsody in Blue.  For years now I've wanted to learn
the entire piece and put a lot of time into it.  Today was our last lesson . . .
 Sniff sniff.  I will miss her!

Every day (Monday thru Friday) I bussed to "Tocar" and practiced anywhere
from one to three hours.  This is Paloma.  One of the sweetest ladies I have met.
She has always been super patient with my "Spanish" and greets me with a smile
every day.  I will miss her so much as well.  Something I HATE about travel:
saying goodbye to all of the people that have meant something to you.  As you
can maybe see in the photo she is tiny!  Probably 5-foot nothing.  I love this lady.

Another benefit of practicing at Tocar: the pastelleria next door. An absolute
weakness.  These two ladies are such the best.  Always asking about my travels,
my family, life at home, and such.  More peeps to add to the "will miss" list.

Panuela.  Mi favorito de la pastelleria.  Delicious.  Ham, cheese, and tomato
all in a croissant type deal.  Hope I explained well.  This photo doesn't look
as good as it tastes.  Promise.
The piano aspect of my time in Madrid was exactly what I needed.  It has been relaxing, rewarding, and therapeutic.  I cannot imagine having been here without this part of my experience.  It was so great to have a place where I could outlet my emotions and work towards something.  Many thanks to Mama and Papa for funding the whole experience. Loved it.


Melanie said...

Almost home!!!!

natalie said...

wonderful, can't wait to hear you play.

Madeline said...

Brooke. I love that you took piano lessons in Spain. I'm so jealous of you. And I love your comments on my blog :)

Christy Marie said...

Brooke. I swear you are the coolest girl alive.

Joanne said...

Hi Brooke,
I saw your post regarding learning piano in Madrid; we just moved to Madrid and are looking for a piano teacher for our daughter. So, I'm wondering if you could inform me your piano teacher's email address that I can contact her.
Thank you a lot,
joe . baillie @ gmail . com

Anonymous said...

Hey! Do you know if she still teaches piano ? I really wanted to learn. If you can contact me that would be awesome!