Monday, December 13, 2010

Dublin: Baile Atha Cliath

The beautiful land of Ireeeeeland.  And yes- it is as green as you'd imagine.
Decided to get to know the city initially with the lovely hop-on/hop-off bus.  

O'Connell Street.  City center in Dublin.  You see that needle "thing" in the
center? It cost 6 million Euros (8 million USD).  It also has a name: The Spire.
Wasn't quite as crowded as the other European cities I've visited (thumbs up).

This is what just about every street looked like.  Pub after pub.  Boutique after
boutique.  Very good vibes here.  Another great multi-cultural city.  They also
drive and walk on the left hand side of the road and pavement.  I struggled
with this.  I also struggled with understanding their English.  For example:
"Their muffins" might be pronounced as "Deer Moofeens."  Good strong accents.
The peeps here were super friendly, super patriotic. Super pro-Guinness.

At Trinity College:  The most prestigious school in Ireland.  Here you can
see the Book of Kells.  "A 9th century gospel manuscript."  

Also wandered around their GORGEOUS library.  Shelves of old texts placed
on beautiful shelves.  They keep the Book of Kells at the end of the hallway.
(Photo snagged from Goooooogle.)

Cobblestone streets/sidewalks/pathways everywhere.  Appropriate.

Mom found some chowhound suggestions for my trip.  Gruel was one of the
top suggestions for "cheap eats." Favorite meal(s) of the trip!  Home cooking.

First Gruel meal:  Eggs benedict, salad, and taters.  Second Gruel meal:
Bangers and Mash.  AKA: Mashed potatoes, onion jam, and pork sausages.
Yummmmy.  Very Irish.  Very nice on cold and wet winter days.

Christ Church Cathedral.  

St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Like I mentioned, Guinness OWNS the town.

Hey Mom.  Remember that "medical kit" you put together for me almost
three years ago?  Well it about saved my throat, nose, and life this weekend.
Mother knows best . . .

Meet George and Deb.  Two pals from the hostel.  They
invited me to see the Wax Museum with them.  Let's get
this straight: a) I usually make fun of the people who pay
for these things, b) I really didn't have a burning desire to
see it, but c) it was fun, hilarious, and we had a good time.

Fav.  About the size of an infant however . . .

Deb is from Canada and George is from England.  They decided the "American"
Diner would be a good choice for dinner.  Tried several times explaining that
their milkshake, burger, and fries were a bit on the sub-par end.  Fun and
outgoing peeps, good conversations, good times.

"Buy a Claddagh ring." Check.  Friendship, loyalty, love.

This Christmas sign basically says "Dublin" in Gaelic, their second language.
Loved how decked they were in Christmasness.  Incredible city.  Loved it.
Great final weekend excursion to end on.  


natalie said...

so glad you bought a ring.
i have one of those.
when you wear it upside down it means you still have your heart.
when it's right side up, it means someone has your heart. aka. you're in love.
just a fact.

cole linnae said...

ah. that library..
i seriously would shed a tear if i walked in there. i've never seen anything more beautiful! talk about a MASSIVE game of hide and seek!

... said...

I LOVE Ireland!!!