Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paris: La Ville-Lumiere

Final stop for our incredible two week travel extravaganza.  The 2007 visit
to Paris lasted a day.  This visit- three.  Climbed up the Arc de Triomphe
our first morning there.  Still cannot get over how breathtaking these views
were.  Something I would do again in a heartbeat.  Was also great to get a
better grip on where everything was and how truly HUMONGOUS Paris is.

Watching the crrrazy (we are talking insanity) French drivers below.

Steps.  Two hundred eighty of them.  Burn baby, burn.

Loved the flag.  Also enjoyed the "tribute" and explanations for
the unknown soldier(s).  

Pressing forward on my camera-happy streak with only a couple days left.


Returning to Laduree.  AKA the most delicious bakery in Paris right on the
Champs Elysees.  Mother (to say the least) has a definite liking of the place.

Macaroon central.  Chocolate wins for number one.

Just all of Paris getting ready to welcome the Chinese Prime Minister.

Stoked to support the motherland. 

Someone tell me why I love this picture so much?  

Musee d'Orsay.  Thoroughly enjoyed a completely different selection of art.
Thoroughly enjoyed taking a nap on the cement benches with Mother.  Also
enjoyed the nice little cafe below.  

Have I forgotten to mention that the hot chocolate in Europe is a completely
different beverage??  Delicious. Creamy. Strong. Dark. Low-Calorie (baha).

Versailles.  Picked the perfect day to see the chateau and grounds.  Oh the
grounds . . . More like the small village.  This place was LARGE.

Soaking it up.

Inside one of the "summer home" palaces.  These peeps . . . definitely weren't
shy when it came to over indulging.

I absolutely love this photo.  She'll be embarrassed to read this.  Whoops:
My mother is gorgeous.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like if
people thought your mother was your sister?  All the time?  I can't even begin
to express how grateful I was to experience this two week vacation with her.
After traveling solo and missing the fam I appreciated her being there so much.
Not only is she (as shown) beautiful, but has an incredible personality.  I can't
even begin to tell how many times we uncontrollably laughed on this trip. I
can't even count the times I thought to myself how lucky I was to see the things
I saw and to have my best friend there with me.  Love you Mama.

And even though this photo turned out gorgeous as well... the pictures don't
come close to doing it justice.

Trying to figure out what I could re-wear for the fifth time.  We also enjoyed
Europe's definition of a "Queen" bed: two twins, side by side.

Can't leave Paris without passing through the Louvre.  We picked a good
day for it anywho (rainy).

Sisters? Friends? Co-workers? Beats me.

We took our concierge's recommendation and visited Angelina. Rumored
to have the best hot chocolate in the world.  Also has been up and running
 since 1903.  To say the least: de-li-cious.

As quoted from one of my favorite childhood movies: "Together in Paris."


Ashlyn said...

your blog is amazing and makes me super jealous. you're beautiful.

Andrew Gerald Hales said...

PARIS!!!!! yay! haha

natalie said...

beautiful. This looks amazing.
that statue of the 3 women. roommates.
hands down.

what an expereince....

Karlie said...

"Together in Paris" got me laughing outloud- haha. But wow. WOW. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous- you, your Mom, that darling soldier dude, downtown Paris, Versaille, hot chocolate. Amazing.

Melanie said...

Awe. Amazing time Shoko. And I agree your Mother is the most beautiful person I know.

Beesh said...

i like this post for so many reasons.. tu es fabuleux