Saturday, November 20, 2010

Madrid: Autumn Playlist

You know when you listen to a song so many times that it would be easy to replay the whole thing in your mind?  But instead you listen to it over and over.  Just for personal satisfaction because the song is that good.  Most days I use mass transit for almost two hours (bus, metro, metro, bus).  Thus I have had ample amounts of time to pick apart the iPod. Plenty of time to find new favorites and appreciate old ones as well.

Autumn Playlist:

mgmt- pieces of what
rjd2- ghostwriter (they are coming to SLC soon. woot woot.)
the black keys- everlasting light
miniature tigers- dino damage (my music palette tells me to hate this song.  but i love it)
feist- mushaboom (basically every day)
queen- let me live
michael buble- haven't met you yet (my itunes count on this is 1978 plays. this cannot be possible.)
sia- you have been loved
enya- may it be (yes i love enya and yes i love LOTR. judge me.)
john mayer- 3x5
band of horses- for annabelle
the beatles- girl (and how is it that i have just discovered this gem?)
jack johnson- turn your love
elton john- your song
greg laswell- girls just want to have fun (one of my favorite covers ever.)
norah jones- december
katie herzig & matthew perryman jones- where the road meets the sun
priscilla ahn- rain
ben folds- losing lisa
adele- daydreams


mal blair said...

i saw "playlist" & thought, score! i can find new songs.. but i already have these on my ipod. bummer! haah. good taste in music, though. :]

Melanie said...

When you get home I need you to introduce me to your cool music.