Sunday, November 7, 2010

Florence: Enough Said

Yet another great European city I have been aching to visit.  
Enjoyed a few days here eating more delicious food, seeing incredible 
masterpieces, shopping, and enjoying various odds and ends.

Church in Florence.  Mother wanted to snap a photo
of the congregation due to the fact that everyone was
dressed in black.  Great branch that covered a huge area.

These sisters were such the best.  Loved chatting it up with
them as we bussed back into the downtown area together.
Got them stoked for one of my BFFs (Laurel Skye Simkins)
to be joining them in February as part of the Milan, Italy mission.

Piazza Della Signoria.  Completely crowded with tourists from everywhere
celebrating All Saints Day.  AKA: Halloween weekend. I know right?

Meeting David (finally) at the Accademia Museum.
This masterpiece was a) much larger than expected, b) incredibly realistic
and detailed, c) just all around a beautiful and amazing sculpture.

Hundreds of these.  All incredible.

The long awaited dinner. 

This was delicious.  Some sort of Tuscan specialty.
(Mom.... help me remember??)

Mother is dissatisfied over bad gelato. "Not even worth the calories."

Lots of shopping for ties, leather, boots, jewelry, etc.

We basically laughed for more than a moment over this
gem spotted on our walk home.

Starting off another gorgeous day.  Happy happy.

Back at the Piazza Della Signoria.

A little less crowded (and wet) this time.
Headed into the Ufizzi Gallery with our pre-paid tickets.
Was it great to skip a three hour line? It was.  Suckers.

Favorite find in the gallery.
"Adoration of the Magi" (Leonardo da Vinci).
A refreshing and warm change from the other Madonnas.

Gazing at the gorgeous Ponte Vecchio bridge a little down the way.

Family photo (minus a few).

The Duomo.  Just about a block from our hotel.

Irreverent, I know.

Mother is satisfied over delicious gelato from Grom.

May I assist in translating Mother's body language:
"My people."

It's no wonder that 40 million people make their way here every year.
Gorgeous, loved it, would/could easily live here.


Laur said...

oh my ... 'family foto' HAHA. TOO GOOD.

And your mother with the Asians. And the dissatisfaction of the gelato. I love the way you write and think. You're the greatest

Madison Beyers said...

have to admit that my favorite is the "irreverent photo".... you know me. haha love this post arnold.

natalie said...

this is great. lets go back here one day. you and me.

Lis said...

Even though we only really know each other through blog acquaintance, can I just say I love you? :)

Now I know why ABK hasn't been updated in a while. Love it. Hope you enjoy your last few weeks!!

Melwel said...

Love "my people" pose.
You are blessed indeed!

code word: Moses.....I don't know why I think this is funny, except I am viewing these on a a Sunday...Holy moses!

Lori said...

Brooke! im reciprocating the same creepiness by following your blog.
Ive already heard so much about you from my roommates. Dont worry, its ALL good things! Cant wait to meet you friend!
p.s. Florence is a dream!

Si said...

Brookie, that dish was called Osobucco. Not sure if thats how it is spelled...Braised veal shanks. YUM.