Monday, November 22, 2010

Madrid: Reina Sofia Museum

It was about time to visit another incredible museum within
Madrid: Reina Sofia.  The collection was donated less than
twenty years ago, mainly comprised of modern art. It was
raining during this particular day, so good timing I'd say.

Lots of "this".
"Hey look, I'm Picasso."

I loved watching these two men argue their interpretations.

Several photos from the mid 20th century.  This was my favorite
find of the night: "Woman and Children" by Walter Rosenblum. 1946.


natalie said...

you my friend are gorgeous.
looks like a great museum!

erin noelle said...

When looking at that last photograph, it is clear that family has nothing. 3 kids in that twin bed with dirty sheets. Nothing on the walls. The thought hit me, though, that if that mom is loving, present,kind- those kids have much.

Enjoy the rest of your time there. Not much left!

Si said...

Hey look, I'm Picasso! Hilar.
Guess What??