Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Madrid: Mercado De San Miguel

Welcome to my new favorite find in Madrid:
Mercado De San Miguel
Words cannot express how overjoyed I was to come in contact
with this glorious market in downtown Madrid.
Best of the best- pastries, fruit, seafood, sushi, flowers, jamon, chips,
cheese, drinks, gifts, you name it.

Just look at everyone.  Happily emptying their wallets.

Indulged yesterday with chocolate churros.
Polar opposite compared to your half-time treat at the stadium.
Soft and homemade with thick chocolate dipping sauce.
Heavy yet oh-so-delicious.

Oil of olives.  Can't get enough.

Today's lunch: a few of these little tasties.
1- Goat cheese with apple.
2- Roast beef and caramelized onions.
3- Spanish omlete, or "tortilla".

And what would a meal be without dessert?
Big orange pastry- Meh.
Chocolate truffle?  Delicious. Rich. Strong.
Also enjoyed the shortbread bites.

Senorita Sanchez dishing out some croquetas.
Popular Spanish item.
(Croquetas: "fried food roll" with potatoes, meat, or vegetables.)

Jamon jamon!  Really deserves its own post.  Due to the fact that
Spaniards live for Jamon.

Special friend slash best friend may or may not be coming into town
sooner than later.  Basically stoked to take him/her here. 


Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

looks like you are having a blast! i'm so jealous. looks like yummy food, eat something good for me!

erin noelle said...

Your mom is going to LOVE this place. I will write you back. Loved your email so much.

Laur said...

Senorita Sanchez!? HA. Too good

natalie said...

amazing. that's all. loved talking to you the other day.