Monday, October 4, 2010

London: Weekend Getaway

London, England. Definitely on the top ten list. Visited for the first time a little over three years ago with Mother and Grandma Japanese (no, that is not a racial slur, we have called her that since forever).  It was an incredible 5 days.  We saw most of the essentials in the area as well as Wicked and Mary Poppins.  I remember being so mesmerized by the place.  So mesmerized that when I found a cheap flight through Ryan Air last month, I jumped on that.
Started my day off by fulfilling one of my dreams:
seeing Les Miserables on Broadway.
I don't know that I can even begin to express how truly
Third row seat.  Incredible incredible leads.
The story and overall message is so beautiful.
I was literally brought to tears (embarrassing yes) during
a handful of the songs. Thank you, Les Miserables
for COMPLETELY blowing me out of the water.
I don't think I've ever been so honest about an applaud before.

Checked into the hostel.
Oh to be on a budget.  Shared this dorm with 23 others.
You're jealous, I know.

Brooke loves the Tube.  I especially love how they work the system here.
1 Pound for all day bus AND metro transportation.  That's it.
Was also thrilled to receive emails from the Dept. of State, Mother, and Father informing me
of the newly released statement on "high potential terrorist attacks in europe,"
which most likely would be targeted toward "public transportation systems
 and other tourist infrastructure."  Yikes. 

Just off the Oxford Circus Underground.
This is some of the BEST shopping I have experienced in my life.
Designer shops left and right, an H&M on every block, the most
INCREDIBLE Apple store I'll live to see (this honestly was fantastic).
Did I spend too much? Absolutely.

Annnd to top the night off . . . .

In concert.  Amazing. Incredible. Talented.
Michael (yes, we are on first name basis) was hilarious,
entertaining, animated.  I was thoroughly impressed.

Sold out.  I loved how interactive he was with the audience.
He'd walk down isles during a couple of numbers (equipped with four
security men pushing off screaming women of all sizes and ages).
I've always been a fan of his work.  No expectations let down.
This concert was something else.

Sang all of his best hits.  Some of absolute favorites:
Home, You Don't Know Me, Everything,
and my most recent favorite- Haven't Met You Yet.

Day two.
 About seven times each year, I fall victim to the common cold.
And like every other time I get sick, the easy solution follows: pill & water.
And unfortunately must have not been paying CLOSE attention
while popping my Advil and nasal/sinus medications for the day.
Because all day, I was drowsy. Grrr. Nodding off about every 5 minutes.
Was hoping to spend at least a couple hours in the British Museum.
But the benches became too tempting, the temperature too comfortable.
Instead filled my day with lots of outdoor sightseeing and walking
among the brisk London air.  Problem solved.

Westminster.  Gorgeous.

Was just brought to my attention that the name "Big Ben"
actually refers to the bell inside Parliament's clock.  Good to know.

This is the best tiramisu I've consumed in my life.
(Everything on this post seems to be amazing, incredible,
beautiful, blah blah blah.  But really, I speak the truth.)

After sushi.  Where is my sweet fix?
Oh hello there, little tasties.
"I'll take the Perfect Pumpkin, Chocolate Milk, and Red Velvet."

Was hoping to hear slash smell horses every time I passed this
 to access my hostel.  Nothing.

And leaving.  Back to Madrid.
This is me (duh), somewhere around 4 a.m.,
ready to head back to Stansted Airport.
Time for a shower.


cole linnae said...

i'm so jelaous of your life.
HOW did you get this job!?!?!?

natalie said...

this is AWESOME.
i've never really had a super strong desire to go to London, but now after that it's increased a little bit.
looks amazing.
and you look great in all your photos.

Brooke Shoko said...

found it surfing the web actually.
such a flexible program-
seems to bee working out so far :)

Melwel said...

I love Theatre in the West End. I am so glad you experienced Les Mis.... breathtaking. I am jealous of your Michael Buble romance.
You are living my wanna be young again life. Thanks fo sharing
love you

Madison Beyers said...

I try not to envy or covet others and their things and/or experiences... but I check to all of the above right now. LOVE THIS POST ARNOLD!!!

well.... everything except the hostile. ;-P

erin noelle said...

Brooke- a)you look really thin. Like really thin.
b)You earned money this summer girl! Get rid of that gross hostel! c)I want to come with your mom. d)I will email. e)Mary Poppins in London with kid actors who really are British=awesomeness. Les Mis I agree. Incredible. f)I mentioned you look really thin right? g)cupcakes are good. erin

Melanie said...

Oh Shoko. I love it. I love London and wish I had been there with you, of course that would have cramped your style.

Mariel Torres said...

i'm definitely craving those cute little cupcakes ;)

Laur said...

Oh Brooke, you inspire me. Skyping with you is the best! Thank you for pursuing your dreams and being a great example to all your friends, including me. I love you forever.

(The Big Ben thing cracked me up)

Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous!!!
dang you are lucky and i want to be in your shoes so bad! i hope you are having tons and tons of fun :)

that alabama girl. said...

so, i randomly came across your blog.. and i just have to throw out there that, you live an awesome life! hahha. i am living vicariously through your adventures as i read your blog and sit in ole' utah! oh, and also.. i'm TOTALLY jealous that you saw my future husband (michael buble) in concert! :]

Bridget said...

how fun- i want to do all of the above.

Sydney said...

You are lucky as you are beautiful!! OH I would kill to be there!