Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Madrid: Best Friend Stops By

So . . . Let's start out with the fact that I have been thrilled for weeks due to an expected visit from a certain someone.  Mama, Mother, Little Asia, Sayud has come to town.  Happily woke up early to meet her at the Barajas, Madrid airport.  Below shows some documentation/proof/memorabilia of our three days in Madrid together.

In Madrid's most beautiful square: Plaza Mayor.

Enjoying Mercado de San Miguel yet again.
Mother got a kick out of the Jamon scene.  As do most people.
And if you're wondering, yes- the meat is sliced from as-pictured-above,
placed on bread, and eaten as a sandwich.  Tasty.  Different.  So Madrid.

Enjoying the gorgeous design found inside the Almudena Cathedral.
Beautiful stained glass and paintings.  

We loved the entrance doors.

Here's mama- showing off all of her secret pockets and gadgets.
Take that, pickpockets.

Touring the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.
If you haven't heard, there's an event called the Fifa World Cup.
And Spain just happened to win this year.  Woot woot.

GARGANTUAN.  Seats 80,000 peeps.
Has seated up to 100,000.

Enjoying the in-stadium museum and trophy rooms.

The Press Room.  Great photo opps.

And this is me, shooting for who knows what.
Reciting "fun facts" on the strength of a rope.

Palacio Real (Royal Palace).  Gorgeous gorgeous.
Probably one of the most ornate palaces I have ever seen.  Loved this tour.

Jet-lagged mama, busy street, one happy gringa.


cole linnae said...

i am so jealous of your life.

Laur said...

Yay! I'm happy for you! Some of the things you do make me say to myself, "Is this real?" love you forever. like you for always. as long as you're living, my friend you'll be

natalie said...

i'm so glad your mom got to come visit. i only wish it could've been me too! Looks like a blast! and the two most gorgeous ladies in Spain!

Melanie said...

I miss you and your mama. So glad you are both having a fabulous time. What is the story on the rope filming????