Saturday, October 30, 2010

Barcelona: Expectations Exceeded

The second largest city in Spain, beach town, historic, different.
Headed up north with Mama to Barcelona for a day and a half.
What once was a questionable destination for our trip has now become
a definite favorite.  Barcelona is extremely modern, lively, and fresh.
Basically, a day was not enough.

Boqueria Market off La Rambla.  Right in the heart of Barcelona.
We tried the coconut-mango smoothie.  Mmm.

Cathedral of Barcelona.  Incredible.

The Cloisters.  Geese, fountains, the works.

Visiting the Sagrada Familia Cathedral.
One of the most elaborate and interesting cathedrals I've seen.
Designed by Antonio Gaudy.  Construction staff busy at work
due to an expected visit from the Papel on the 7th of November.

Mother, after a happy visit to Guady's toilet.

We loved our hotel: Praktik Rambla.
Very clean, very modern, very up to Mother's standard.

Shout out to my peeps back in the U.S. of A.

Peace, Love, Whatnots,
Brooke Shoko


Melwel said...

My sis had her mission in Barcelona....and loved it. The Gaudy srchitecture is amazing....more is more better. Love it.
I am a witch this usual....

natalie said...

looks gorgeous! one day.....

Ry said...

Wow, exquisite! Your doing in shoko. and by doing it i mean living life! Keep it up and keep me posted