Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wednesday Night, Last Week

Cute girl.

Plus country music.

Plus belt buckle.

Equals . . .

A trip to the E.R. at 1 a.m.

Our lovely Jennifer, a great girl and room mate, slashed her hand open on the belt buckle of a young boy while enjoying herself at a night of county dancing. It was our pleasure as room-mates to assist her to the hospital and document the trip.

Besides . . .

Who wouldn't love some time with Sterling?

Or these girls.

Next time Jen decides to make an appearance at the Fun Park, she'll be wearing gloves.


erin noelle said...

Ok seriously, that girl is your roommate? She is like the cutest girl I have ever seen. She had better be nice, because I hate really cute girls who aren't nice.

Si said...

Oh no! Poor Jen. I know your hidden message is: stay away from boys who like County music!

Natalie said...

i´m jealous, I have some weird distrubed desire to go to the ER with someone. and when I leave, look what happens... ugh.

however, I do feel bad for her. I bet that hurt.. those belts are dangerous. its no wonder I don´t like country music! ha!

Brooke Shoko said...

erin- jen IS an extremely nice/easygoing/great girl! She has the whole package :)
Nat- AMEN.