Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best Bathroom in Logan

I first saw this after taking my initial trip inside the "Retro House" (not too far from my apartment). My room mates introduced me to the gentlemen that reside there and, I have to say, their bathroom has class.


Kimi said...

Oh, it's a GUYS' apartment. I wondered why the lid was up. Yes, very classy indeed. But I bet they break that rule on a regular basis. Just a guess.

Verification word: PRING
I hope PRING gets here soon!

Si said...

you are a true Asian! My dad used to tease my mom all of the time about checking out bathrooms where ever we went. He would laugh that you actually took a pic. Love the sign.

Andrew Gerald Hales said...

this is definitely worth a post on your blog brooke.

Kthorpe said...

Well...there are no words. I love that bathroom and the boy who dump in it if you know what I mean.