Friday, February 19, 2010


Last night I was working.
This semester I found a hostess position at a local sports bar/grill. This job is pretty low key: seating people, keeping the mint basket stocked, picking up menus, answering the phone, and cleaning the bathroom. So yesterday, I was fulfilling my favorite part of this job by cleaning the men's bathroom. Interesting that they always have so much LESS water on the sink than the women's bathroom. Wash your hands boys!!! I made sure there was plenty of t.p., the counters were cleaned, etc. Just as I was finishing up, a guy in his mid-twenties came in. He obviously hadn't noticed the sign on the door "Closed for Cleaning." Sheesh.

Me: Oh, I'm sorry, I was just finishing up.
Man: Oh it's cool. I'm not shy.

He immediately pranced towards the urinal and was obviously getting ready to just do his business right in front of me. SICK. Is there no respect for the fact that a) I am a female, and b) I just might not be as comfortable with this as he was. I hurried out of the restroom and had a good story to tell my co-workers for the rest of the shift.


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natalie said...

hahhaa! that is so funny.. i can only imagine. I was walking to work yesterday and I saw some old man ¨doing his business¨ on the side of the road... kinda a common occurance around this part of the world.

cole linnae said...


i would have run over and kicked him in the weener.