Thursday, February 4, 2010

How did I get this?

This morning, I was happy to wake up and see on my cellular phone the displayed date of February 4, 2010. Happy Birthday Dad!!! I have more than a few reasons to be thankful for him.

Get to know Grant Foster:

One of the hardest working individuals I know
One of the most accepting family members I have
One of the most avid big-game hunters I've met
One of the most honest individuals I know
One of the best drivers in a snow storm
One of the only people that can make me smile on a bad day
One of the most committed parent-coaches in Davis County
One of the happiest guys I know

My dad is truly one of a kind.


erin noelle said...

Here Here! He is awesome!!! I still remember him on Trek, literally boundless energy running here and there to spot animals, point out stuff to the kids. Always a smile, always excited. Great man.

Laur said...

Great title! I love you dad as well! Wish him a happy birthday for me and call me after your party!

natalie said...

dad´s are the best! :)