Monday, January 4, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

Why do they call them wisdom teeth? Why do your cheeks puff out so much when you take them out? Why was I so freaked out about this for MONTHS? How much longer can I survive off of applesauce? Why does the surgeon give people their teeth in a baggie after it's all done? Why am I so worried about getting a dry socket? Why aren't the stitches in my mouth dissolved yet? How long til I can give my teeth a good, thorough brush again? Why am I intrigued by the yellow/green bruise on my cheek? How was my recovery? Where do they put the wisdom teeth if they don't give them to you? How bad does it hurt if you just let them grow in?

Here are some friends I found that now share something in common with me:


must have lortab

laid there for hours

no going out tonight

webcam convo?

nice . . .



erin noelle said...

oh my Brooke. where did you find those pictures? I'm sorry this has been so brutal for you....the waiting and fear more than the actual thing, but STILL..

natalie said...

those pictures are so bad... i bet you look like a million bucks compared to them. and it'll all be good and over soon. no worries! and just think, you NEVER have to do it again. :)

Andrew Gerald Hales said...

ooohhh poor babyyy